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A Chihuly garden and glass exhibition room with Dale Chihuly’s works of art was created in the South Fun Forest at Seattle Center. ORA prepared initial architectural concepts in 2009. Design development began in 2010, and a permit application made in May 2011. The building project completes in May 2012. The project’s three main parts are the Garden, the Interior Exhibits, and the Glasshouse. The Chihuly garden was the first building to get LEED Silver certification on the Seattle Center complex.

The Glasshouse’s asymmetrical layout and repositioned location adapt to the distinctive urban surroundings at the Space Needle’s base. Green roofs and evergreen-covered trellis walls renovated the aging Fun Forest arcade facility. Green-roof and green-wall components, radiant heating, and natural ventilation cooling in the Glasshouse are notable examples of sustainable design aspects.

Why is a nighttime visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass preferable?

You have to pay less for admission:

If you visit after 4 pm, you save 10$ on a ticket for adults and 5-8$ on access for children and senior citizens.

 Adults (13-64)Seniors (65+)Children (5-12)
Normal admission$32$27$19
After 4 pm$22$19$14

The cost of access to Seattle’s Museum of Design, Chihuly Garden and Glass for adults, seniors, and children is $59, $49, and $36, respectively. Packaged entry also includes access to the Space Needle. If you intend to do more touristic attractions, such as visit the Aquarium and Museum of Pop Culture, you might also consider purchasing a CityPASS.

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Most installations are inside:

Even while the experience at Chihuly garden is the same at night. It is preferable to go because all the notable structures are indoors and don’t need natural light to enjoy.

The glasshouse installation is obviously stunning in the sun. But the perspective and experience are unchangeable, and it is still stunning whatever.

The colors are much prettier at night:

The most exquisite glass flower displays can be seen at Glasshouse; while they are still stunning during the day, they take on a considerably more dramatic appearance at night.

Because the Glasshouse lets in so much natural light, the flowers pop against the dark evening. The drawback of visiting at night is that you will not be able to get a clear image of the Space Needle through the window of the glasshouse.

The Space Needle will appear contrasted by the brightly lighted floral arrangement in the front. But if you visit earlier in the evening, you may experience this installation both when it’s still light outside and dark outside.

And the greatest one is that if you purchased the ticket in the afternoon

you would be allowed to enter for free at night:

The tickets are suitable for the entire day, according to several trip advisor reviews. Therefore, even if you bought your ticket during the day, you may still visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Door at night without additional fees and have a lovely time.

Are Chihuly Garden and Glass worth the visit?

Given the high admission charge, you might be unsure whether the Chihuly Garden and Glass are worthwhile. This one was pretty fun for me. I don’t say that about every museum because I have my preferences, but I didn’t believe MoPop was worth the $30.

The artwork was amazing and enjoyable to view in person. The museum included a room where they exhibited some brief videos on the art, so it was great to understand more about how these sculptures were created.

Chihuly Garden and Glass worth the visit

I can’t speak to whether visiting during the day is worthwhile because I didn’t do so (the additional $10 cost could also cause me to rethink my decision). Still, as a lone traveler, I believe going to the Chihuly Garden and Glass at night is worthwhile. The documentaries are intriguing, and the installations are eye-catching.

Since there aren’t many interactive displays in the museum, I might not advise taking children. Since there isn’t much sitting within the installations, I recommend planning if you get fatigued quickly. The museum is on one floor and has no steps, which is suitable for accessibility if you have mobility problems.

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