8 Unexplored Places in USA Where You Must Travel To

No matter how much you travel, there are still some places you might have missed or overlooked. As the saying goes, that you can not be everywhere at the same time. The above fact is actual because we all are occupied with our work, moreover, when we get time for vacation or a long weekend, we only get to pick some places since we don’t have time to visit everything. But, the more we travel, the more we explore. Right? So, let us take a look at these beautiful Unexplored Places in USA that will make your vacation better.

Below are Some Unexplored Places in USA.

We are starting with Salem, Oregan; if you are not looking for a Hipster Portland culture, then this the place for you. The beauty of Salem and the Willamette Valley. This city is the best spot for all the wine lovers in the house. Did you know? This city has around 700 wineries, also known for its Pinot Noirs. 

This city is also famous for its sumptuous beds of flowers and nurseries. If you are visiting it around April, don’t forget to visit Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms, it exploded into bloom around that time. Furthermore, Schreiner’s Iris Garden stays at its color peak in May.

8  Unexplored Places in USA
Unexplored Places in USA

Next, we have Columbus, the city which was one of the best big cities in 2016, has been overrated now. You won’t want to miss two places in the neighborhood, including the tremendous historic german Village and District and charming Short North Arts. There is also a vast Columbus zoo and Aquarium just on the borders of the city.

Providence, Rhode Island, is also named ‘America’s Favourite City’ in Travel and Leisure magazines. This city has impressive local brews, ample food located at walkable distance downtown. You might witness Water fire, a bonfire to light up the city’s rivers if you in the city. If you are an art lover, then you should not miss the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art by any chance. The museums include:

  • Ancient Roman and Greek art.
  • American artworks from the 18th and 19 centuries.
  • Costumes and textiles.
  • Contemporary works.
  • European and Asian Collections.

There are many visitors to the Grand Canyon; however, Flagstaff, Arizona, is overlooked chiefly. This small town is known as America’s best college town. As a traveler, it’s worth visiting Flagstaff and its historic railroad District. 

Suppose you are new to hiking but are curious to visit and explore a recent place to hike. In that case, the best place for you is Lava River Cave, situated in Coconino national Forest Bordering Flagstaff. 

Did you know? This mile-long cave formed 700,000 years ago after a volcano erupted and scattered its lava. Remember to carry some light sources like torches and matchsticks. 

Next, we have St. Louis, which is the most underrated city to wander in right now. St. Louis is a city of attractive and dense neighborhoods and impressive attractions like the Missouri Botanical Garden and Saint Louis Zoo. 

This place has insights from the 1904 World’s Fair; there are also small aesthetic places to visit, including Box Greenhouse, paddle Boating, Art Deco Jewel, and Plenty of Biking and Walking Trails. So, you know you will have a fun time here alone and with your partner.

Have you heard about victorian architecture in Eureka Springs, Arkansas? If you are a fan of historical sites, then this place is for you. This city has many beautiful places to visit, including Exoctic-cat haven Turpentine Creek Wildlife refuge, Thorncrown Chapel, and Ozark landscape everywhere. FYI Eureka springs are also hot spots for crazy ghost stories, so if you are a risk-taking fan, there you go.

Portland, Maine is famous for its mountainous coastal beauty; however, there is a lot more in the place you would love. Notable Food hotspots, Beautiful restaurants, and bars, Fodor Notes. You can also walk down to the park and explore the Victorian architecture adjacent to the Eastern promenade. Did you know? A Mailboat run in Portland allows the tourists to sit in the boat while it delivers mail and packages to the islanders.

Lastly, we have Lewisburg, West Virginia, one of the overlooked places in the U.S. with beautiful and elegant Shops and Restaurants. If you are in Lewisburg, you must watch a show at Historic Carnegie Hall and if you are an adventurous person, head to Lost World Caverns for a Four-Hour Underground adventure tour. If you are a geek like us, here are the most unusual hotels to explore around the world.

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