Famous Footwear Credit Card: Application, Login, Payment, and More!

In some critical situations, you may have a shortage of cash or bank balance; no need to worry. Credit cards are there. Do you know Famous footwear? Are you a regular customer? If so, the Famous Footwear credit card (FFCC) is there to save money and earn rewards.

Online payments from this credit card help to increase the points and rewards and save a huge amount. If there are pros, there will be cons to the credit card. Let’s discuss all the applications, login processes, payment methods, and facilities available on the credit card.

About Famous Footwear Credit Card

The Credit card provided by the store is a retail credit card which is granted by the Famous Footwear shoe store chain. This card is valid for using it at famous offline footwear stores or online Famous Footwear sites. You can avail of the rewards, points, or benefits using the card for purchasing offline or online simultaneously.

Going to an offline store or visiting the official website. The process includes providing financial information, SSN (Social Security number), address, and name. After approval, the credit card will be sent through email with your name written on the card.

You can use your Credit Card to purchase online or at Famous Footwear Stores. The FFCC is a Visa Card too. The retailers who accept Visa Cards, this credit card is also valid. Based on your spending, you will get rewards and points. These reward points can be used on further purchases as a discount on your billed amount or can be redeemed for free shipping too. Other benefits are also provided to the cardholders.

For managing credit card amounts, you can avail of the company’s mobile app or online portal. You can check your reward points, pay bills, account balance, and everything there.

You can change the settings to set auto payments and transaction history and can update info.

Famous Footwear Credit Card Application: Online

famous footwear credit card application
famous footwear credit card application

The steps to apply for FFCC are the following:

  1. Visit the official website of Famous Footwear and click “Apply now” on the credit card page.
  2. Fill out the online application form with the required details.
  3. Read out the terms and conditions of the cc and check the box to continue.
  4. Submit the application page. Wait for a few minutes for the confirmation of approval or denial.
  5. You will receive the hard copy of the Famous Footwear credit card within a few days after the approval. Activate the card using the instructions manual.
  6. You can log in to your online account or use the mobile app to pay or manage your account.

Some User-friendly Facts About Famous Footwear Credit Card

You might be thinking, why choose the Credit Card? So, Let’s discuss the benefits of having the FFCC.

where can I use a famous footwear credit card
where can I use a famous footwear credit card

Special Discounts

The exclusive discounts are only available for cardholders, and sometimes, noncard holders may not avail of the discounts. Special discounts include discounts on specific items as well as seasonal sales.


You can consider the rewards as the biggest benefits of the Famous Footwear credit card. Suppose you are using your credit card for purchasing. You will get reward points for that, and those points are helpful in your next purchase. The more you purchase using your card, the more points you earn. Ultimately, you can save money based on the spending of your card.

Expanded Returns

Using the Footwear credit card, one can avail of the benefits of the extended return time period. This benefit says if you are a cardholder and you are not satisfied with an item, you can return it not only within the mentioned days of return but beyond that.

No Annual Fees

This Credit card does not charge any annual fees. This benefit attracts the customer the most. This advantage is also beneficial when you are not using the card or trying to minimize it. The most beautiful thing about this advantage is you can use it, increase your spending, get reward points, save your money, and do not need to pay an additional charge.


The advanced security of this FFCC protects each and every piece of information provided by you while applying for it. This provides data encryption, fraud detection system, secure servers, and many more. It also prevents and keeps an eye to check the suspicious or unauthorized activity on your account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of having FFCC

Everything has two sides: The good side and the bad side. Maybe the number of pros is high sometimes, or vice-versa. Let’s check what the FFCC is. Is it more beneficial or more harmful?

Advantages of Famous Footwear Credit Card:

  • Extra special financing choices.
  • Absolute Discounts.
  • Rewards/Points
  • Sale Events.
  • Mobile Application.

Disadvantages Famous Footwear Credit Card:

  • Limited return time period.
  • Hard Credit inquiry.
  • Annual fee (for some cases)
  • High-interest rates.

Additional Details for FFCC Customer Care Service Details, Credit Card Payment Address, and More!

Let’s check out the details about FFCC Customer Care Service.

  • The Comenity bank issues credit cards for Famous Footwear.
  • Credit Card holders can make payments and manage their accounts online as well as through mobile apps.
  • Cardholders can log in to their account at Comenity Capital Bank to pay online.
  • Customers can make a phone call for a payment or billing statement to the customer care service number provided on the back of the credit card.
  • The customer care service for FFCC is from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm ET and Sunday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  • The Customer Care Service number is – 1-800-433-0091.
  • Cardholders can contact the customer care service for any required assistance or issue regarding their Credit Card.
  • The members of FFCC can also connect to the customer care service through the online portal just by sending a message. 
  • If the FFCC is lost or stolen, cardholders can also contact customer care service to report or charge the dispute.
  • Cardholders can contact customer service to clear their queries regarding their account, reward points, due payment dates, or their account balance.


Is it possible to pay the Famous Footwear Credit Card bill online?

The easiest way to pay the FFCC bill is through the online platform.
You can also use your Mobile App to operate your account online.

How to transfer money from the Famous Footwear Credit Card to your bank account?

●      Go to your bank’s website for net banking.
●      Click the credit card section.
●      Select the most preferable transfer option.
●      After that, enter the amount that you want to transfer to your bank account, and it’s done.

Why Famous Footwear Credit card is User friendly?

●      Rewards
●      Special Discounts
●      No annual charges
●      Extended returns
●      Security

Which bank provides Famous Footwear Credit Cards?

Comenity Capital issues Famous Footwear Credit Cards. If you want to know more about Comenity Capital bank, check out here only.