Which one should you choose? CoinGecko or Cointrends.live?

 You probably want to bookmark a universal and comprehensive monitoring portal for all coins with their capitalization and available trading volumes. 

A site that displays all operational changes and all the necessary information in a convenient format. There are many monitoring services and tools: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Cointrends.live, Coincap.io, Blockchain, Cryptocompare and many others. 

Which is better: CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap?    

CoinGecko Review

 There is nothing superfluous in the interface of both services. All the data will come in handy. But at CoinGecko, a newbie can get a little confusing.  

The homepage contains the top 100 cryptocurrencies, 1-hour, 24-hour, 7-day indicators, available trading volume and market value, and weekly price charts. You can place a whole set of filters, create currency combinations, and sort by different indicators. Let us return to the review.    

This is what the CoinGecko screen looks like. There is an extensive information menu on the main page of the CoinGecko service. The Markets tab displays the Coins submenu.   

Here you can learn about the market cap of cryptocurrencies, select currencies recently added to a range, check stable coin data, or track priority farms. The Derivatives submenu contains reports on futures, exchange-traded funds and the most popular exchanges. Plus, you can track decentralized platforms.   

You can explore useful content without leaving the platform: news, CoinGecko Beams and podcasts. In the tools section, you can install the CoinGecko mobile app, view earning options, install CoinGecko widgets, and more.  

If you plan on comparing different crypto assets with each other, CoinGecko has the option to do so. You will be presented with over 40 comparison parameters and charts for price and cap indicators.    

The Useful Content section continues with company resources, tutorials, publications, How to DeFi, and API Integration content. And for beginners, it is very useful; there is an excellent glossary. In addition, there are links to the company’s social media grouped together.  

When analyzing the state and behaviour of cryptocurrencies for each cryptocurrency, you can customize the chart format, analyze historical data, reconstruct the chart in various forms for the day, week, 2 weeks, month, quarter, semester, year, or any custom period. … Compared to the huge views of CoinGecko, Cointrends. 

Live’s interface is more minimalistic. Which, in some cases, is very good and allows you not to drown in numbers and graphs.  

It looks good on mobile and tablet devices. You can quickly assess the situation while running. Here, the main screen displays currency, price and the percentage of change. In addition, there are visual trend icon prices rising or falling.    

Cointrends.Live Review

CoinGecko or Cointrends.live

Although CoinGecko has been around for a long time, Cointrends.live is a fairly young service. But the latter is interesting in that the artificial intelligence-based Cointrends bot is tuned to different signals that quickly transmit data to this aggregator. This new approach to Cointrends’ live update is noteworthy.   

Professionals never use tools. They always have a whole set of powerful tools in their arsenal.    

Despite the technological development, the known problem with the accuracy of the displayed volume on some exchanges has not yet been 100% resolved. This is not a problem with any particular aggregator or portal. No questions like “How accurate is CoinGecko?” The problem concerns interaction with exchanges in general.  

This means that the more tools you have, the more holistic information you will be. So bookmark a couple of sites to compare the information. For DeFi projects, you can also use DefiMarketCap.  

In addition, a huge portal with a large number of parameters is not always required. This is the concise minimalism of Cointrends that comes in handy. The various functions of these tools are constantly being developed, and the methods for evaluating indicators and calculating various indicators have also been significantly improved. 

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