Crypto Moonshots to Benefit from Bitcoin’s Revival

Bitcoin has suddenly resurrected to $45,000 since we wrote that piece fourteen days ago. Ethereum, my top cryptographic currency for 2021, has risen by 32%, comfortably outperforming Bitcoin’s gains. Is there any valid reason why shouldn’t they go up? Despite financial backers’ concerns, U.S. stocks are hitting new highs, thanks to surprise positive position reports, a strengthening currency (crucial), and the Federal Reserve’s apparent endless bond-purchasing. However, I do not accept Bitcoin at this time. Regardless of the digital currency’s strength, there is a limit to how big it can grow. 5x… 10x… 100x? Bitcoin would have to be worth more than all consolidated U.S. land to generate those earnings, regardless of whether the Fed buys bonds regularly. Furthermore, BTC is a creative dinosaur; excavators have effectively blocked all forms of improvements.

In the end, I’m leaning toward more modest digital currencies. On my watch, moonshots like Dogecoin have quickly returned 5,000 percent or more – a challenging feat for Bitcoins to do today. Furthermore, it’s something that the Crypto Investor Network at Investor Place looks at daily. Today, we’ll look at a few altcoins that appear to be poised to benefit from Bitcoin’s revival.

Regular readers of Moonshot will be aware of my first rule for digital currencies: wherever Bitcoin goes, the rest will follow (directionally, at any rate). This is because crypto is an estimation-driven market in which a regular altcoin may outflank if an elder brother is also increasing.

The Three Altcoin Trading Strategies

Since the tides have turned, this is an excellent time to revisit the three cryptoexchanging approaches I use.


Using the Momentum Master technique is one winning strategy. Financial backers can achieve 30 percent or more additions in a matter of minutes by focusing only on altcoins with the highest energy (and unloading them as soon as it blurs). Rehashing the interaction could potentially increase the value of a portfolio in huge numbers.


The next option is to acquire a token that will be noticeable. While these often have no long-term value from a strategic standpoint, investors should not forget the fun element. In the end, Dogecoin turned a large number of financial backers into billionaires.

Long Term

Finally, there’s the option of purchasing (almost) more valuable coins for proper usage outside of monetary speculation. In the past, I’ve mentioned

Cardano, ICP, and other currencies as coins with the potential to rise in value.

Bitcoin's Revival

4   Altcoins to Ride Bitcoin’s Success: Short-Term Trade Ideas

If it’s not too difficult, please notice that I’m providing these options as an impression of my exchange framework’s proposals, not as an endorsement of the primary quality.

Crypto Blades (SKILL)

This NFT blockchain game is back in full force after plunging 80% from its July high. Costs have remained stable at $60, bringing the total capitalization of the standard Binance coin to $25 million. Due to its extensive local fan base, Crypto Blades is favoured over the majority of bets. You don’t get 75,000 Twitter followers and nearly half a million locations without some financial backing (or bots, now and again).

Medium-Term Trade Ideas: Shiba Inu (SHIB)

I’ve had mixed feelings towards Shiba Inus for quite some time. The money resembles Dogecoin (in that it originated as a joke), but its >500,000-overlay rise to 0.03 cents in May rendered the Ethereum-based token prohibitively expensive for me. Since then, the ship has lost 80% of its value. Despite my Momentum tracker, the SHIB seminar has finally turned around. This altcoin could quickly become Reddit’s next hot topic, given its 20 percent revival at the end of the week (coupled with Ethereum and Bitcoin’s rise).  

SHIP, in my opinion, is a boost to Ethereum’s growth. When financial backers learned that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s half-ownership was worth roughly $7 billion the previous spring, the currency gained notoriety (The tokens were skilled to him as a gag as opposed to getting “scorched”). Furthermore, although Mr. Buterin eventually ingested the coins, SHIB remains my favourite Ethereum-based currency due to its decentralized potential and local area strength.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

I’m reiterating my Dogecoin proposal. At 20 pence, it was intriguing, and at a quarter, it was even more so. Of course, we can argue about whether Dogecoin has any intrinsic value. However, why don’t we save ourselves the trouble and admit that it doesn’t matter? Dogecoin, like collectible silver dollars or 90% of the items on Antiques Roadshow, is worth whatever people are willing to pay for it. In addition, Dogecoin’s financial backers are reasonably predictable – a feature that makes it excellent for Momentum Master trading.

In June, my technique predicted Dogecoin would sell for 40 cents, and it is now urging investors to ride the energy back up the value curve.

Long-Term Trade Idea: Ethereum (ETH)

I’m sticking with Ethereum, which is my top long-term crypto pick for 2021.Last week, the “London Hard Fork” was essentially a code upgrade for ETH that highlighted something: Ethereum’s partners can still pursue a typical application for individuals unfamiliar with the crypto language.

In contrast to Bitcoin, where miners have hampered efforts to shift to energyefficient “evidence of stake” standards, Ethereum’s community appears to be focused on helping the organization survive. Even if that means getting rid of all of its miners and their force-hungry equipment.

In the world of NFTs, Ethereum dominates, with the ERC-721 symbolic surviving components having the highest quality level. Although competitors such as Binance will continue to peck at Ethereum’s heels, ETH’s head start provides it a good advantage in a champion that brings home the entire universe of following computerized merchandise. There are possibilities. Most non-stablecoins have little intrinsic value, and ETH financial backers may face difficulties with options ranging from Binance to PayPal. However, if you’re looking for a genuine coin with a large following, Ethereum is a good bet.

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