Are You Looking for The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites?

Technologies are developing, and so are other systems. A couple of years back, an average American was not aware of what cryptocurrency means. However, they are the now most who are learning and investing in it. The popularity of cryptocurrency has been on hype because of its easy accessibility now to an average American. Many brokerage firms have also started allowing their investors to sell and buy cryptocurrencies while investing in stocks, mutual funds, etc. Here, check out some of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites

 And, as I was talking about the development of technologies, cryptocurrencies have stepped up their game through technology. They are now user-friendly and easy to access through your mobile phone. Many cryptocurrency apps have been curated, especially for users. Yet, you still need to understand even if it’s easy to reach and invest in it. It would help if you always did your own research before buying or selling into this industry.

 So, now that you are done scrolling through hundreds of portals to read about cryptocurrencies. Let’s dive into the best cryptocurrency apps built-in in 2021. These apps are curated for you to make your cryptocurrency portfolio quickly. So, choose the best from the below list and get started.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
1. Gemini

One of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency if you are planning to invest. The best element about this app is its transparency and security for its users. Gemini’s primary aim is to secure and safeguard its customers. It is also one of the rare exchange platforms that offer USD deposits and FDIC protection. Not to forget that it also has started supporting DODGE now. 

Did you know that if you open your account on Gemini with a deposit of $100, you get a free $10 bonus from the creators of the app?

The pros:
  • Its availability is spread across 50states, including New York.
  • Gemini Earn offers its customers with solid interest rate.
The Cons:
  • It carries a very high pricing structure and fees.
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
2. Uphold

Are you looking for a straightforward solution for trading multiple assets? Well, then Uphold is specially build for you. Uphold offers you to open one account for selling multiple assets without even taking a trip back to cash. A person who has been doing this for years understands how hectic it is trading various assets. But, through Uphold, you get the opportunity to sell multiple assets quickly and directly. Moreover, this app also allows their user to trade DOGE, XRP, etc.

The Pros:
  • The pricing structures of this app are made very clear, precise, and transparent.
  • They have many crypto tokens, including popular ones too.
  • Their app is available on both desktop and mobile.
The Cons:
  • Poor customer service.
  • Not as easy to use as other apps.
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
3. Coinbase

Coinbase is the most famous and used app that claims to be the best cryptocurrency exchange platform. The best part of it is that it allows you to invest with USD directly. This platform currently enables buying Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and more than 30+ other tokens and coins. 

Do you know? Coinbase also offers you token rewards on the completion of various activities. In addition, you also get a good amount of interest on your USDT. So, now you know why this app is one of the best used. Coinbase also offers you a $5 bonus to open an account on their platform.

The Pros:
  • One of the most effortless user interfaces.
  • A bundle of good coins and tokens to invest.
  • Transparency and high-level security.
The Cons:
  • If you are not using Coinbase Pro then, you will have to pay high fees.
  • The users can not control the private keys in the wallet.
  • Works at a slow pace when it comes to new cryptocurrencies.
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites
4. BlockFi

Did you know? BlockFi is one of the platforms that allow their customers to earn and lend interest on their holdings. Moreover, you can borrow against your holdings than selling your tokins and coins. 

 Suppose you are not much an active person when it comes to trading. You can easily hold your coins and token on this app and earn interest. Block also has a crazy welcoming bonus for its users. They provide you up to $250 extra on a deposit of $25 while maintaining it for a particular period.

The Pros:
  • This app comes with no commissions and fees.
  • Regulated and US-Based.
  • Can make you earn high interest on your deposits.
The Cons:
  • They have limited free withdrawals.
  • Does not support some coins and tokens.

Bitcoins are the most popular Cryptocurrency among the traders in the market. Though Bitcoins are so much unpredictable nowadays, we should consider a few factors before trading in bitcoin.

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