Who kills who in Marvel’s episode 3 universe?

It showed the various alternative Marvel universes and how a small decision could change the entire outcome. Eagle-eyed fans found some wacky connections in this episode of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel Marvel’s episode 3 universe has surpassed itself by exploring multiple universes in the latest Disney +.    

How were the first two episodes?

The first two episodes established the series “bright tone and quirky recalls to events in the O.G. timeline, but things take a dark turn in the most recent episode. The episode is titled “The World Has Lost Its Most Powerful Hero.”. In the episode, an Avengers candidate dies in mysterious circumstances after being accepted into the organization.    

One man on the run is former Ant-Man Dr. Hank Pym (voiced by Michael Douglas). He avenges the death of his daughters by working as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent wasp.

Pym, driven by anger and grief, put on his yellow jacket and killed the Avengers one after the other. When Natasha, the last of the Avengers, found out about it, she informed Fury. Fury then helped Loki defeat Pym.    

Shortly afterward, Fury revealed some exciting news. Fans on Twitter thought it was an Easter egg from the Winter Soldier, and the whole community loved it.    

Marvel's episode 3 universe

In the scene, Natasha tells Steve that she believes someone has been killed by Fury. The Winter Soldier shot him because of her as an Iranian nuclear engineer, and she jokes that she shouldn’t have been wearing a bikini. She describes the incident on her tire in Odessa. This scene is the first time we’ve heard of the Winter Soldier in the MCU.    

In another universe, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hopes would have ordered an escort to be a nuclear engineer in Iraq, not Natasha Romanoff. Hopes of joining the shield and giving Pym the technology had changed his destiny.    

Unlike Natasha, Hope Van Dyne did not survive the bullet. It was the Winter Soldier who killed the wasp. And while Janet van Dyne sacrificed herself for Hank to hold on to his sanity, Hope and her death pushed him over the edge. Had Hope never joined Pym at the Tech Vent in Ant-Man in 2016, switching to the Yellowjacket would have ended with Hank.    

Hank Pym used the suit to kill Avengers candidates, including the Thor brothers, who took over Earth at the end of the episode. It makes sense that Hydra agents would turn him away. Fans have asked if Pym had access to SHIELD files, but the files are confidential. If he had not killed anyone, SHIELD would have gone after the Winter Soldier himself.   

It is a perfect example of how a single decision has the power to remake history. I know who killed Fury. Most intelligence services did not believe it existed. To his credit, there have been at least two dozen murders in the last 50 years. Nobody called him the Winter Soldier. Show Source Texts

It’s like a ghost story. Five years ago, I accompanied a nuclear engineer to Iran and was shot when I was tired in Odessa. I covered him, and he shot him and me. We lost control and fell off a cliff. Yes, he is

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