Will Mega Evolution Return to Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Will Mega Evolution Return to Pokemon Sword and Shield? Mega Evolution is painfully absent from Pokemon Sword and Shield, but several clues and rumors endorse that the loved mechanic may also make a comeback.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mega Evolution Charizard

Mega Evolution changed into a extensively beloved mechanic, first introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, which did no longer make a comeback with the launch if Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Instead, Dynamax and Gigantamax had been brought, which stuffed a similar position, though with exclusive mechanics involved. While many fans mourned the lack of Mega Evolution, and its elimination turned into one of the many things wrong with Sword and Shield at release, some fanatics trust that the famous mechanic may also indeed be making a comeback to the games, doubtlessly through the rumored Kalos DLC. Fans have jumped to this conclusion via connecting numerous strange coincidences within the sport and its current DLCs.

The Current Mega Evolution Theory

Pokemon X/Y Mega

Fans are currently maintaining onto the perception that Mega Evolution will in the end make a go back in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield someday inside the near future. This is basically due to  not unusual theories jogging within the network. First, it’s far rumored that the subsequent DLC coming to Sword and Shield will bring players returned to the Kalos vicinity. While that is based on some exciting trends and design picks by way of Game Freak, it is in no way set in stone and nowhere near showed. However, if players visit Kalos, it would be wild for Mega Evolution to now not make an look because it became this kind of pivotal part of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Those had been the first video games to characteristic Mega Evolution, it played a massive function in the tale and predominant progression of the games, and it changed into a key selling factor that brought lots of intensity to competitive combating. The function changed into then introduced lower back for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Another huge motive why players consider Mega Evolution is coming returned is that the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLCs added returned a huge quantity of the Pokemon able to Mega Evolution. While this isn’t the most powerful proof for the go back of the feature, there appears to were a deliberate choice process for which Pokemon to deliver again, particularly with the imminent Crown Tundra DLC, as there are a some “one-off” Pokemon that don’t evolve, and aren’t great Pokemon via themselves, but with Mega Evolution they became a lot better. The entire listing of Pokemon inside the games (or coming to the video games) is beneath. Spoiler Warning: Skip this phase if gamers do now not want to be spoiled on which Pokemon are returning with the Crown Tundra.

  1. Venusar
  2. Charizard
  3. Blastoise
  4. Alakazam (Isle of Armor)
  5. Slowbro (Isle of Armor)
  6. Gengar
  7. Kangaskhan (Isle of Armor)
  8. Pinsir (Isle of Armor)
  9. Gyarados
  10. Aerodactyl (Crown Tundra)
  11. Mewtwo (Crown Tundra)
  12. Steelix
  13. Scizor (Isle of Armor)
  14. Heracross (Isle of Armor)
  15. Tyranitar
  16. Sceptile (Crown Tundra)
  17. Blaziken (Crown Tundra)
  18. Swampert (Crown Tundra)
  19. Gardevoir
  20. Sableye
  21. Mawile
  22. Manectric
  23. Sharpedo (Isle of Armor)
  24. Altaria (Crown Tundra)
  25. Absol (Crown Tundra)
  26. Glalie
  27. Salamence (Crown Tundra)
  28. Metagross (Crown Tundra)
  29. Latias (Crown Tundra)
  30. Latios (Crown Tundra)
  31. Rayquaza (Crown Tundra)
  32. Lopunny (Isle of Armor)
  33. Garchomp (Crown Tundra)
  34. Lucario
  35. Abomasnow
  36. Gallade
  37. Audino (Crown Tundra)
  38. Diancie (Crown Tundra)

At this point, only a handful of the Pokemon that could Mega Evolve are lacking (or could be lacking) from the Sword and Shield roster come the Crown Tundra launch date. The addition of Pokemon like Audino and Absol are exciting, as each are fantastically weak Pokemon through themselves, but get an excellent boon from Mega Evolution that make them at least really possible in aggressive battling. These two do not seem to have any special ties to the Crown Tundra and its snowy environment, even though there are probable to be non-snowy regions in the DLC zone, however it’s nonetheless raising a few eyebrows at their inclusion.

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