Shining Pokémon Card List Price

Pokémon is currently honouring its 25th anniversary as one of the earliest video games released in Japan in 1996. Closely related to computer games and anime series, the trading game continues to be as relevant as possible. Things have become more crucial due to the current resurgence in the two games with Pokémon exchanging cards. Pokémon has released Shining Fates, the most recent set in the swapping game series, which features rare shining renderings of Pokémon on some of the cards. It’s fantastic to see which cards have high pricing based on the Shining Fate card list, as these are most likely some of Shining Fate’s most significant cards.

Shiny Ditto V – $3

Same may not be an explosive Pokémon battler, but the Normal-type Pokémon is invaluable to coaches since it is a master of reproduction. There are two unique shining Ditto cards in Shining Fates, with the ugliest of the two being of more value. Similarly, while V is only $3 in terms of conventional matter, the feel of the card demonstrates how appealing the glossy form of Ditto is. It isn’t loosed up in the same way that Ditto VMAX is, which mutilates Ditto in ways it shouldn’t have to be.

Shiny Ditto V - $3

Yamper – $14

Yammer may not be a formidable fighter, but the Electric-type canine was designed to be a plushie and win people’s hearts. It’s a cute little dog with a heart-shaped patch of stained hide on its backside. Its glossy card from the Shining Fates collection sells for around $14 right now. This appears to be a take for canine lovers worldwide, as the card shimmers in a way worthy for an animal that effectively blesses the essences of anyone or anything it encounters.

Yamper - $14

Holo Charizard VMAX (SHF SV107) – $664

Like almost any other set, Charizard is the one that everyone requires. This is especially true in Shining Fates, as his Shiny (elective shading schemes Pokémon have a very little chance of appearing in some of the time) is one of the most well-known in the entire series. If you pull a Charizard VMAX, you’re looking at far over $600.

Holo Charizard VMAX (SHF SV107) - $664

Koffing – $14

Although it may not seem to some, Koffing’s glossy construction card managed to crack the Top 10 most important cards in the Shining Fates collection. This Poison-type haze of poisons undoubtedly took a hit because it was vital for the first 151 Pokemon. It also helps because its glossy structure replaces dark purple with a light blue skin tone. Who knows if it will always be $14, but for the time being. This animal is effectively being chased and not being condemned to an affiliation with Team Rocket.

Koffing - $14

Shiny Lapras VMAX – $9

As a Kanto native Pokemon, Lapras has had an intriguing presence. It wasn’t one of the more well-known creatures when the game’s first came out in the 1990s. But it has since developed a significant fan base. Many fans have been won over by the big Water and Ice-type aquatic beast over the years. It has a card in Shining Fates that includes its VMAX structure, transforming it into a living voyage conveyance. The card in question is named Lapras VMAX, and it will set you back $9 on average if you buy it.

Shiny Lapras VMAX - $9

Shiny Eternatus V – $11

When comparing Eternatus V with Eternatus VMAX. It’s clear that the former is the better-looking exchanging card, while the latter takes the crown in terms of overall value. Eternity V is now available for roughly $11, a reasonable price for a nice-looking card. The entire card is tastefully composed of primarily yellow and black colours with traces of white and silver. The card’s holographic design allows the vibrant tones to leap off the surface, appealing.

Shiny Eternatus V - $11

Galarian Rapidash – $17

This is an unusual example in which a Pokémon’s last transformational type isn’t the most expensive card in the set. Galarian Rapidash’s glittering structure’s Shining Fates card is currently valued at $3 less than its Galarian Ponyta mate. Now, $17 is a reasonable price for a card, especially one depicting a different type of a unique Kanto local Pokemon. When looking for this card, it all depends on the ethereal pony people require in their collections.

Galarian Rapidash - $17

Shiny Inteleon – $13.50

Although Cobble is the Water-type starter Pokemon, people like its final structure, Inteleon, which serves only specific interests. Its strategy is odd, and there’s a recurring joke that it’s the equal of minor characters Rango and Randall from Monsters Inc. The shiny Inteleon type is fantastic, and it gives a touch of pink pizazz to the misunderstood Pokemon. The current going rate for a bundle of Shining Fates is roughly $13.50. A full version of this card in Shining Fates is now priced at around $13.50.

Shiny Inteleon - $13.50

Eternity V – $18

Eternity turns out to be a Pokémon with a glittering structure that is unobtrusively unique and may easily be overlooked. The Eternatus V card in Shining Fates further adds to the confusion. This card isn’t generally tinted. But it was carefully chosen to have a yellow and dark channel running through it at its highest point. Thankfully, the actual art is much more apparent, and Eternatus should be far more visible than the VMAX rendition of this card. The standard Eternatus V is recorded for roughly $18 in near-mint condition on most destinations.

Eternity V - $18

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