Have you experienced the new Delta Inflight Studio Entertainment?

Delta Air Lines’s in-flight entertainment is marked with Delta Studio content. Movies, video games, music and TV shows vary by flight and change frequently and can be streamed to seatback screens (where available) and Windows 10 compatible laptops, phones and tablets. Delta Studio entertainment is free for all passengers, whether you’re flying in Economy or a Delta One Premium Business Class suite. 

If you’re flying on Delta Air Lines, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to enjoy some in-flight entertainment. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about what’s available, how to access it, and what to expect.

What Types of Entertainment Are Available?

Delta Air Lines offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, games, and magazines.

How Can I Access the Entertainment?

You’ll need to open the Delta Air Lines app on your smartphone or tablet to access the entertainment. Alternatively, you can visit delta.com/aircraft and select the aircraft you’re flying on. Once you’ve chosen the plane, you’ll be able to see the available entertainment options. You can also connect to Delta’s In-Flight Wi-Fi network and access the entertainment.

What Devices Are Supported?

The Delta Air Lines app is supported on iOS and Android devices. The website is supported on all browsers except for Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.

How can I stream Delta Studio Content onto my phone?

To stream Delta Studio content to personal devices, passengers need the Gogo Entertainment app, downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Delta Wi-Fi Portal, which can only be used once per flight. Due to the very slow Wi-Fi onboard, it’s definitely a good idea to download the app before landing.    

Travellers can also enjoy Delta Studio entertainment while flying in aircraft equipped with seatback screens. Most Delta aircraft now have traditional entertainment systems, though not all.

 What entertainment options are available at Delta Studio?

 Delta Studio allows travellers to choose from 300 movies and options for HBO, Showtime, SpyKids TV, and 18 live satellite TV channels.

Podcasts, TED talks, quizzes, games, and more than 2,500 songs are also available. Today, most travellers don’t need to worry about carrying a personal device to watch inflight entertainment. Backrest screens are available on almost all long-haul international flights and many domestic aircraft.   

When to Expect a Seatback Screen?

You can expect entertainment if you fly the Airbus A319 (31J, 3HF); A320 (32M, 3MP); A321; A330-200 or A330-300. Passengers with seat on Boeing 737-700, 800 (73H), 900ER; 747-400; 757-200 (75D, 75S, 75N, 75G) or 757-300; 767-300, 300ER or 400ER; The 777-200ER or 200LR can also count on a seatback entertainment screen.    

Can I access Delta studio via my laptop?

To access Delta Studio from your personal device while in flight, connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Delta Gogo Inflight network. Launch an internet browser and enter the URL “airborne.gogoinflight.com”. You can access this website whether or not you have purchased Wi-Fi. Click on the Delta Studio banner that should appear on the home page. You can select videos, music, games, and other content to stream to your device. 

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