Death Stranding to be Launched on PS5

The gaming community got a pleasant surprise when Hideo Kijima announced on the evening of the Summer Game Fest that Death Stranding would not be launching on PS5 but also will be enhanced director’s cut of the game. 
In the announcement, there was not much information presented about the details of the game. Still, it is expected to performance and visual upgrades looking at Kojima’s work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

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Where does the last game end?

Begins with a progression of supervisor battles, the first is a structure estimated, goopy. A human BT that Higgs rides on – with Amelie adhered to it in a wad of chiral gunk.
Higgs circumvents following the loss of his BT mount, and Sam should head out to The Beach to meet him in a mano, Metal Gear Solid-style supervisor battle. This battle is stacked with references to video games. Therefore, including Street Fighter-style wellbeing bars and a holler to Mario and Princess Peach.
After Higg’s last loss, which we’ll go into a greater amount of later. Sam then, at that point, journeys back across the entire UCA and experiences a vortex above Lake Knot City that twists him into a Vietnam war zone. Here Cliff Unger proceeds with his mad chase for BB. But, unbeknownst to him, he discovers BB… But BB is not, at this point, a kid. Peruse on for a clarification of that.
As Sam finishes his cross-country Chiral Network vehicle trip. He runs into one last BT chief: A goliath, flying BT whale. Like the majority of us, this whale is powerless against rocket launchers.
After the entirety of this, quite a bit of what stays not yet clear in Death Stranding is only that: Stuff you can see, however not play.

The new trailer doesn’t reveal much but shows our protagonist fiddling with a box of oranges, and he ends up spreading it on the floor and then climbing inside the box. Hopefully, the details of the new game will be revealed by the next week.

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