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Welcome to the Disney world map guide!!! Here you will find all the maps you will need for your trip. These maps can initially seem a little overwhelming, but trust us, having prior knowledge of the location can make your experience mesmerising. 

Disney world covers a large area, including 4 theme parks. In addition, Disney World is home to over 20 hotels, two water parks, and a well-described transportation system. 

These maps can become a life and time saver for you during your trip to Disney World. Having them handy can save you from many struggles that people generally face. 

Disney world map for resorts

The definitive Disney World Property Map is available here!! This is a comprehensive map of Disney that includes every feature and location. Theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, hotels, convention facilities, and other amenities are included.

This is the Disney World map that lets see what the overall Disney World property looks like from above.

Disney world map for resorts

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Walt Disney world transportation map

Below is a detailed map of the transportation system. It includes all kinds of transport: buses, monorails, boats, shuttles, Skyliners and many other transport modes. Many people don’t consider it during their travel to Disney World.  

Walt Disney world transportation map

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Walt Disney theme park maps

As mentioned above, there are four theme parks at Disney World. And believe us, each one appears to be bigger than the other. Examine the theme park maps here to become acquainted with the planning phase.

  • Magic Kingdom Map

When thinking of Disney world, the first thing that comes to mind is the magic world, right?? So here we bring you the map that will guide you through the beautiful experience in the magic kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom has six unique regions or themed sections. Main Street, USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Adventureland are among them.

Magic Kingdom Map

Image credits pirates and princesses.

  • Epcot map

Epcot includes two lands, one of which is the Future World and another one is the World Showcase. These two terms will appear on an Epcot map and are critical to comprehend! Epcot has only two lands, so it doesn’t get too complicated.

Epcot map

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  • Hollywood studios map

This is one of the most recent additions to the Disney World Map. Hollywood studio accommodates nine different lands and areas, including the newest star wars land and the toy story land. This map is the most essential since it is the most recent addition to the maps.

Hollywood studios map

Image credits Studios central

  • Animal Kingdon Map

Animal Kingdom, like Magic Kingdom, has six lands! Oasis, DinoLand USA, Asia, Africa, Pandora – The World of Avatar, and Discovery Island are among these lands.

Fortunately, even though there are many lands, the park isn’t as large as others. Thus, there is less travelling to be done [as opposed to Epcot!] Animal Kingdom is among Disney’s more entertaining and slower-paced parks.

Animal Kingdon Map

Image credits Disney

  • Disney Springs Map

Disney Springs, previously called Downtown Disney, occupies a significant portion of a Walt Disney World Resort site. It is free to enter and may be visited even if you don’t have Disney World park tickets. Disney Springs is still being developed and updated, so providing an excellent map for Disney World is crucial for your preparation!

Disney Springs Map

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Disney water park maps

Disney has two water parks! You can view them on the complete Disney World map above to know where they are. Each one is special and one-of-a-kind, and I couldn’t tell you which one I like them! 

  • Blizzard Beach Map

Blizzard Beach is a unique and enjoyable waterpark at Disney. This Blizzard Beach map illustrates the park’s numerous zones for youngsters and adults. Blizzard Beach is designed to make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise after a crazy Blizzard. There is something for all, from relaxing leisurely ponds and kiddie pools to thrilling plunge slides!

Blizzard Beach Map

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  • Typhoon lagoon map

Typhoon Lagoon is among the world’s most unusual waterparks! First, there’s the big Typhoon Lagoon surf pool, which features tremendous 6-foot waves. Second, it is the location of a water rollercoaster ride! T his Disney water park differs significantly from Blizzard Beach. The setup, the atmosphere of the park, and even the food are very different.

Typhoon lagoon map

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Map of Disney value resort hotels

Walt Disney value resorts are the most cost-effective accommodations on the Disney World map. Simply because they are less expensive does not imply that you’d have a negative experience. On the contrary, you will continue to enjoy exclusive benefits like Extra Magic Hours, the option to book early dining and Fastpass bookings, and the chance to use Disney World transportation free!

  • Map of all-star music resort

Disney’s All-Star Music Resorts is precisely how it sounds: a music-themed resort! From rock and western to Broadway or jazz, check out all Music maps here to see where you’ll be staying!

Map of all-star music resort

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  • All-star movies resort

The All-Star Movies Hotel will transport you to Hollywood only at Disney World! Check the map to explore exciting locations like Fantasy and Toy Story! If you wish to stay in a particular region, browse our Disney World map, select your destination, and then book!

All-star movies resort

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  • All-star sports hotel

All-Star Sports would be my least favourite discount hotel on the Disney World map. I’m not a huge fan since it doesn’t feel the same as Disney World for me. It is trendy, and people adore it! There’s basketball and surfing!

All-star sports hotel

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  • Art of Animation hotel

In my opinion, Disney’s Art Of Animation is among the most significant value hotels on site. You will not be disappointed if you stay at this wonderfully unusual hotel! It “feels” like Disney, with areas based on Automobiles, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.

Art of Animation hotel

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Pop century resort

Pop Century, as Art Of Animation, is one of the best Disney Value Luxury Resorts. It’s vintage and entertaining, with themes ranging from the 1950s through the 1990s! We still like Art of Animation over the other Disney Value Resorts. This one is a similar idea. If you’re staying here, go over this Disney map ahead of time!

Pop century resort

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Map Locations at Disney World

When you visit Disneyland Resort, you’ll notice the Disney World map almost everywhere! You may see an information booth or visitor amenities at the parks, inquire at your hotel’s souvenir shop or front desk, pick some up at Airport, visit resort food stores, and more.

If you are having difficulty finding a guide of Disney, simply ask a Cast Member for assistance, and they will lead you on the proper path. Nobody can assist you better than somebody who serves Disneyland!

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