Is Zendaya pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby? 

Since Zendaya and Tom Holland, co-stars in Marvel’s Spider-man, have announced their love for each other, the spotlight has never shifted from the couple. Zendaya may have created chaos through her acting or singing, but the Hollywood star was in the centre of mayhem for entirely different reasons. Zendaya Pregnant was trending on Twitter on Tuesday night, making everyone curious whether the Dune actress was actually having a baby.

Who is Zendaya?

Zendaya is an American singer and actress. She started her acting career in the Disney channel’s sitcom Shake it Up. She made her Hollywood movie debut in 2017 in Marvel’s Spider-man: Homecoming and also appeared in its sequels.

Zendaya became the youngest recipient of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for portraying Rue Bennett in the HBO teen drama series Euphoria (2019–present).In 2018, she made her biggest pop breakthrough with “Rewrite the Stars,” a collaboration with Zac Efron from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman.

She has 145 million followers on Instagram, and she also runs a clothing brand, “Daya by Zendaya”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya started dating each other in 2017, and the paparazzi confirmed their affairs after snapping a picture of them kissing in a car.

Is Zendaya really pregnant?

The answer is NO. It was nothing but a rumour. A TikTok video featuring an ultrasound of the Euphoria actress went viral, making fans of the actress go wild. A bogus ultrasound was manipulated to look like the actress herself shared it. In the end, the video turned out to be a prank.

What was the prank?

‘You just got Krissed,’ a popular internet meme page, created the tik-tok video. The page is well-known for causing a stir on social media by publishing sensationalised fake stories.

The TikTok video began with an image of a baby in sonography, with Zendaya’s profile image overlaid on it, making it appear as though she had uploaded the picture on Instagram and boosting her excitement about becoming a mother.

The caption on the morphed post was “I love you. Halfway there”, and tagging Tom Holland. However, the video ended with a clip of Kris Jenner dancing as a rendition of ‘Lady Marmalade, with the caption: “You just got Krissed! Send this to your friends #Kris them!!”. 

The “Krissed” or “Krissing” hoax aimed to attract viewers to believe a false story, and the prank worked so well that Zendaya’s name became a hot topic on TikTok and Twitter. As the rumors spread like wildfire, social media got flooded with memes and jokes.

Zendaya’s reaction to pregnancy rumors

Speculation went high that Zendaya Maree Stoermer was pregnant with Tom Holland’s child. However, it all drained down after Zendaya’s Instagram post. She slammed the rumors in a pair of posts:

“See now, this is why I stay off Twitter…” she wrote in the first post. “Just making stuff up for no reason…weekly. Anyway, back to filming Challengers.”

She does not appear to be delighted by the rumours. She didn’t mention it directly, although one can easily get the hint.

Zendaya and its affairs with “rumors”

In January 2022, a photoshopped photograph of Zendaya pregnant went viral, showing the actress with a baby bump on the red carpet.

In February, the news of Zendaya Maree Stoermer and Holland both buying a property in London was on a round. Although, it was a rumour that they purchased a six-bedroom mansion in London’s Richmond neighbourhood for £3 million. Later, Tom Holland debunks the story.

However, In the present world, where every news and info is just a click away compared to the primaeval time, we feel privileged. But this privilege often creates a fuss. The recent victim of such fake news is Hollywood star, Zendaya.

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