Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25, Track-Only Rare and Superior that the 935?

Porsche’s are amazing cars with impeccable performance on and off track. Porsche has created some of the most powerful and memorable cars and is known for the amazing power delivery with utmost control. Among these cars, the 991.2 GT2 RS Clubsport stands on top, and there are several reasons for it. Here we will tell you why?

Inspiring the New Models

Notwithstanding being a couple of years old, one just guaranteed the production vehicle record at the Nürburgring. It additionally gave the base to the arrival of the Porsche 935. Also, Porsche has taken that normal, worn-out model and made another track-just beast, this time with assistance from its 25-year accomplice Manthey Racing. It’s known as the Porsche 911 GT2 Clubsport 25.

Mechanical Superiority 

It’s like the ordinary GT2 RS Clubsport. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre flat-six engine giving out 691hp. However, it gets many, many changes to the outside and, surprisingly, the cooling framework. As should be obvious, the body has been protracted, and it has likewise been extended. However, the last is important to house the wide, low-offset 18-inch wheels taken from the Porsche 935 without the streamlined covers. The entire body was created with Manthey Racing. It delivers extra downforce at the front, and the underside has been encased. The vehicle’s radiator is presently situated midway, rather than putting radiators on each side of the vehicle’s back, which was accomplished for further developed brake cooling. It additionally has new back wing endplates and upholds and another diffuser.


Concerning the paint plot, the lime green features are an accolade for a Manthey Racing vehicle. In particular, it’s a recognition for the 911 GT3 R vehicle in the group races in the Nürburgring endurance series. It’s dazzling lime green and uses a portion of similar streamlined stunts as the Clubsport 25, for example, vents in the hood that channel air to the back wing and a similar cooling procedure.

The only sad part is that these Porsche 911 GT2 Clubsport 25’s will be very exclusive as the euro carmaker has decided that 30 examples of these will be made. The cars will have a price tag of  525,000 euros or a tad bit over $620,000. The chances are that the deliveries will start early in the next year, around January.

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