Everyone who once inspired to own a Land Rover Defender but could not get it earlier can fulfil their dream with the New Land Rover Defender. Therefore carrying the same persona as the older defender and carrying the legacy of the big and bad, powerful off-roader. It is capable of assuring a comfortable ride anywhere form a smooth highway to the dense forest with marshy land. 

The Defender has a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that gives 296 hp and 295lb-ft of torque with an 8-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive system. Capable enough to take you on the Safari with its big and bulky design covered with sleek horizontal lines all over the body.

But most of the lovers who want to take the car’s ruggedness to the level of the Old Defender and won’t be satisfied with anything less have to the right place. Because we all know that the old Defender is an actual image of a Wild beast.

Get New Land Rover Defender Look

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For such people, a Dutch company, Heritage customs, has come up with a brilliant way of fitting your brand new Land Rover with already rusted panels of a perfect fit. 

Don’t worry; the panel doesn’t have natural rust; instead, a new metal spraying and binding technique. Rather, a recent metal spraying and crucial design make the forum look rusted. 

The new Defender can’t get corroding rust because of the Aluminium unibody design. Unlike the old Defender, even the Chassis is Aluminium protecting from any corrosion. But that won’t stop Heritage Custom’s sister company Neils van Roij Design from getting you the look of a rusted for your beautiful machine.

They have mastered the process that takes years to get to you in days. A thin layer of aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, zinc, and even gold can be applied through a technique on any surface. Then acquires the same flexibility as the parent material and can hold its quality for as long as 20 years.

That metal can then be brushed, polished, sanded or – as is the case here – oxidized.

In the words of Neil Himself, “the rusted bonnet diamond plates and side vents. After the metal is painted, the parts are oxidized through an accelerated process. Customers can also choose to, for instance, brush or polish the metal. It can be protected against rust. Alternatively, we let the natural course of corrosion start. We can then halt corrosion at any desired moment: sealing the metal will stop the wear.”  

They don’t stop at just this. They can also assure that the interior can get the same look as of rusted metal with Brown Leather, making it a perfect jaw-dropping beauty.

Who would have ever said that a Land Rover defender can come with such looks?

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