New Tesla Model 3 And Model Y To Come With Camera Monitoring System

After several controversies around Tesla’s autopilot system. Tesla came up with a new monitoring system with a small camera above the rearview mirror. The plan to launch the system with the new Model 3 and Model Y is to ensure that the drivers pay attention while using the advanced autopilot mode on the Tesla.

Tesla used another way to determine whether the driver was paying attention or not before the launch of this system. Though it was a simple mechanism. They used torque sensors on the steering wheel to note the resistance applied on the wheel while the autopilot mode is engaged. If the system notices that the wheel has been accessible without any resistance for too long, the car’s advanced system will give the driver warnings to be present.

The camera that is to be used for monitoring was present earlier. Yet, as the cars’ manuals told, it had no particular use as a driver monitoring system. But the new vehicles are informing the drivers that the camera will be used to monitor the driver’s activities. As reported by a second-time buyer Kevin Smith from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

There were also several tweets from the vehicle users that the sensors in the steering were still active. However, other automobile giants such as Ford and General Motors also use the driver tracking system. Moreover, working with cameras that use the eye-tracking system to ensure that drivers are paying attention while using the automatic driving features on the vehicle.

What More to Know About the New Tesla Model 3 and Y?

With this update, the other thing that grabs attention along with the new update is the timing of the update; Tesla came up with the updates at a time when experts held it questionable about the safety of its vehicles. The organization is confronting many government tests into the hidden reasons for Tesla. It included accidents in the U.S., some of which may have involved the use of Autopilot.

Tesla doesn’t characterize the expression “driver inattentiveness ” that utilizes in the delivery notes or what occurs in the event when somebody isn’t giving adequate consideration.

Many independent users of Tesla cars had tested the under development system. Moreover, they concluded that the camera system was not very good at detecting movements in low light. However, it was well with the driver’s attention. If it was divided because of reasons like being engaged with the phone.

Though Teslas user manual warns the drivers that the auto-driving mode needs “Active supervision”, but there have been numerous cases showing drivers sleeping in the back seat carelessly or not paying any attention while the car is driving itself, evident in the viral videos on social media. Who can we blame for this careless behaviour?

The National Transportation Safety Board has approached Tesla to stop beta-testing on open streets. It utilized clients instead of experts and to add strong driver checking to its vehicles. Although Tesla is all set to move the new system on roads, it is still unclear that it follows the safety standards set by the NTSB.

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