What good initiative is taken in Michigan for its people of colour?

Urban areas are a small community within them, and they have particular ways they have been living. Did you know? People of color living in urban areas go through more hurdles than any other.

They have limitations for outdoor recreations and faces barriers to do if they want.

And, this pandemic just brought the extra struggle to the Black and Latinos across America. And a place like Michigan is just full of all these hurdles for brown and black people.

 Let’s take you into Northern Michigan:

Encompassed by Lake Superior, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan, and St. Mary River, the beautiful Upper Peninsula is a home to mesmerizing High peaks of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and the deep woods of Hiawatha National Forest. 

After the official counting was done, it revealed that this place has around 4300 domestic lakes, approx 1700 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, and 12,000 miles of free-flowing streams.

Northern Michigan experiences freezing winter seasons. Winters there come with temperatures even below 0 degrees F, leading to freezing all the freshwater. If you visit it in winter, you can witness steep ice walls, and it looks like massive dense white marbles. You can catch such a view around the cliffs facing Lake Superior.

If you are looking for more beauty and glorious features, the place is at Pictured Rocks. The best part about this beautiful place is that you can quickly get there by your car and yes taking a car there during the coldest months is also not too strenuous.

If you are here with your family or even with your friends or say it’s your solo ride well, this destination has a lot of adventure beneath it.

You can hike some trails, explore the unexpected, and discover some colorful sandstone formations of Miners Castle and Chapel Rock. Located along the Picturesque Headlands, this place can give your eyes a view of the remaining ancient shipwrecks and get some aesthetic pictures clicked. 

Come Michigan to link with mother nature.

 If you still haven’t visited the pictured rocks, then this is the sign for you to go and see such beautiful heaven on earth.

Once you enter the zone of nature, the stillness gives you an experience that cannot be explained. Many people stare a beautiful and deep Bond with nature. They aim to save and conserve the left mother nature and conserve such places as Michigan communities are being formed who are standing together to support the heart of nature.

 The people who form the committee to save Michigan are also fully vaccinated and tested negative for covid-19 as right now we cannot take the risk of more cases at different places; they are also staying in an Air BnB rental home.

There are eight people for the environmental conservation; there are people from Detroit and the grand rapids. They are not doing it alone; they have some support behind them, like the donors with the help of whom the assemblies are being formed to help people of color enjoy more outdoor activities and have more fun without limitations.

 The participants also told about the work they were doing by giving out food and eating meals under all the precautions for covid-19. They also added that they had a wonderful experience, bringing a lot of joy to them. Everything is taken care of by the community members. All the food spread is risk-free and clean, and the guides follow all the covid norms.

 The community tried making the outdoors accessible for everyone, including people of color. The people from the natural group working to encourage the connections and link between humans and mother nature said that the experience gives them different confidence, and they wanted to do more things as it felt more home.

It was indeed a great initiative by a team of people trying to make the outdoor accessible for the brown and black people living in the urban areas of Michigan for outdoor fun and recreational activities.

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