Everything You Need to Know About Amana Mutual Fund

Amana Investment Fund is an entirely free Private Equity store dedicated to funding small and medium-sized businesses. This Investment Fund will employ a flexible, intelligent investment strategy, pursuing various exchange types and designs to find the best speculating opportunities. Amana invests solely in innovative firms, encouraging and assisting their growth in dominating the global market.

Amana Investment Fund Focus

The main goal of the Amana Investment Fund is to invest in small and medium-sized businesses that have the potential to compete in the global market. Amana will assist them financially and provide them with international and local market access. Hence, enhancing their ability to become a global players in their respective financial sectors. It will assist in the formation of both general and innovative specialty groups. Assets will be used to support specific projects or investment plans aimed at upgrading and growing portfolio companies and for long-term working capital requirements. They want to build esteem by investing in outstanding organizations. However, where the capital, critical knowledge, global connections, and practical assistance can drive change that unlocks the organization’s hidden potential. The project is built on the foundation of each organization’s development plan.

They will assist with developing and implementing eager and practical business systems. They will promptly aid with evaluating requirements and helping the executives choose and carry out the perfect arrangements. With fully knowing that it demands some investment and energy.


The goal is to ensure that the organizations invest in growing productively while maintaining a high value and respectability. The speculative skyline is versatile and can be tailored to any situation. Accomplices will be successfully associated with speculations. Though, will support the Board in deciding and focusing on their goals while upgrading assets and functioning potential. To bring a good blend of vital, monetary, and managerial experience. Either directly or through the use of an extensive network of industry relationships. The recipients are the portfolio organizations’ recently hired employees, talented and untalented. In a roundabout way, these hypotheses will benefit all labor market participants in the target countries and neighborhood networks, and any elaborate partners.

Amana Investment SA distinguishes itself by devoting its full capability and educational capital to the specific objective of investing in small and medium-sized businesses. Amana delivers value through a broad industry organization and shared speculating system by applying the main bits of knowledge of experienced industry members and genuinely devoted area specialists. The organization is characterized by an undeniable level of preparedness and agility. Therefore, which serves as a firm foundation for a reference and a reliable partner in complex speculation transactions. The exceptionally talented group provides an unusual combination of autonomy, industry concentration, and close collaboration with essential personnel in the businesses we contribute.

About the Amana Board

An experienced and independent board is focused on adhering to sound corporate governance methods and procedures. The Board has given strategies and techniques to establish the highest company accountability and trustworthiness. With years of experience in the financial industry, the organization provides an exceptional blend of autonomy, industry concentration, and strong association with significant personalities in the global industry. Amana delivers value through a broad industry organization and community investment strategy by applying the critical information of experienced industry members and highly involved area specialists. The group has a high level of preparedness and adaptability, which serves as a firm foundation for a reference and a reliable partner in complex investment transactions.

The Industrial Advisory Board

The Partnership will receive industry expertise, perspectives, conclusions, and general essential advice on the investments from the Industrial Advisory Board. When viewed across a large firm, such personnel provide access to both obtaining and data benefits and prepared executives with extensive functional expertise and industry knowledge.

Investment Style

The Amana Growth Fund is looking for investors who can demonstrate sound financial credentials and a commitment to detecting and managing ecological, social, and administrative risks.

  • Asset expertise, local area and work relations, board arrangement, and business morality are all considered ESG factors.
  • Administration strength, minimal debt, and robust asset reporting are all indicators of monetary supportability.
  • Security backers primarily involved with higher ESG risk organizations are rejected. No alcohol, cigarettes, porn, guns, betting, or fossil fuel extraction are permitted.
  • Islamic principles are used to make investments.
  • Enhanced in all businesses and organizations
  • Designed for investors wishing to invest in long-term capital development.
  • Despite having a large capitalization, the company can invest in domestic and foreign stocks.

Principal Investment Strategies

The Growth Fund invests in stocks similar to those in the Growth Fund, including stocks that are new to investors. Islamic norms are used to make business decisions. In general, Islamic standards require that financial backers share in both good and bad fortune. Thus, they do not receive usury or premium, and that they do not invest in a business subject to Islamic restrictions. Liquor, pornography, security, betting, pork handling, and premium-based banks or money associations are among the entities that are prohibited. The Growth Fund does not engage in any interest-bearing investments. Islamic standards weaken the theory, and the Fund will generally keep speculations for a long time. The Growth Fund invests in various enterprises and organizations, primarily following a large-cap esteem investment approach. The Fund prefers companies that are likely to grow profit and stock prices faster than the economy.

Investing on all groups

It may also invest in groups that are smaller and less well-prepared. The Fund seeks groups that exhibit both Islamic and rational characteristics. According to the Fund’s advisor, Backers with maintainable attributes are those who are more settled, reliably productive, and monetarily solid. As well as those that have hearty approaches in the areas of climate, social responsibility, and corporate administration (“ESG”). To identify guarantors accepted to bring minimal risks in ESG, the Fund’s counsel uses a realistic rating structure based on its own and external information.

Negative screening is also used by the Fund’s advisor to eliminate security guarantors who are primarily involved with higher ESG risk industries such as liquor, tobacco, porn, guns, betting, and non-renewable energy source exploitation. Under normal circumstances, the Growth Fund commits to investing roughly 80% of its total net assets in similar stocks. The Fund’s consultant selects enterprises based on past profit and income growth rates and assumptions for-profit and offers cost expansions.

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