IRS tax refunds 2022: What is tax subject matter 152? Will I nevertheless get my refund on time?

The Internal Revenue Service started accepting 2021 tax returns on 24 January, and maximum taxpayers have till 18 April 2022 to get their office work submitted. Depending on the approach your 2021 tax go back is sent, you’ll be able to check its fame either 24 hours or four weeks after the truth online with the corporation’s “Where’s My Refund?” device.

According to the IRS over 90 percent of refunds are issued within 21 days, the corporation’s normal time frame. There is usually the possibility that a few tax returns would require additional review delaying your tax refund, especially in light of changes made to several credits for the 2021 financial 12 months. So what does it mean if you see Topic No. 152 whilst checking in your refund fame?

The IRS advises that tax refunds in 2022 are taking longer

This tax season, like the closing one, can be difficult because the IRS deals with an ancient backlog of around 24 million characters and business 2020 tax returns that still need to be processed that have been filed last 12 months. Most taxpayers that filed early and electronically this yr ought to count on to acquire their tax refund with the aid of 1 March, a few may want to see their refund even in advance.

Filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) can assume their refund by using 1 March, if their 2021 tax goes back became filed accurately. The corporation can’t begin to ship refunds on filings that declare both one of the credits until mid-February. This is due to a federal law that requires the IRS to verify facts of taxpayers who claim them to keep away from fraud.

When can I check on my tax refund?

Those who report electronically can go to the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” online device 24 hours after they have submitted their 2021 tax return. If you ship your office work through the submission, you may take a look at the online tool 4 weeks after mailing your 2021 tax return to the organization.

When you take a look at the online tool, the business enterprise will inform you if you want to touch them approximately your tax go back or refund. The IRS will never name, nor use email or social media to get in contact with you.

You will want to provide the IRS with a minimum of 21 days to process your filing after submitting it electronically before inquiring approximately your refund. Those who despatched a paper return will need to provide the company with a minimum of six weeks from the time you mailed your paperwork earlier than an IRS consultant can investigate.

The IRS cautions that it’s far taking the agency longer than ordinary to trouble refunds, in a few instances as much as one hundred twenty days, for people who claimed the Recovery Rebate Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Additional Child Tax Credit. The IRS advises no longer to document a 2nd tax return and to attend until you get hold of your refund before filing an amended tax go back to the use of Form 1040-X.

What is Tax Topic No. 152?

When you test the “Where’s My Refund?” IRS online device and you see Tax Topic 152, it’s only a typical reference code. Your return is still being processed and has but to be authorized or rejected. Unlike different codes, you do not need to take any extra motion and does no longer imply that you made a mistake or did anything wrong on your filing. But your go back may additionally require a similar evaluation and will take longer than the regular processing time.

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