Pilar Sanders

Pilar Sanders is best known as the ex-wife of a professional American football player and baseball player Deion Sanders. On October 10, 1974, Pilar was born in Elmira, New York.   

Pilar’s early life and education

Pilar’s full name is Pilar Biggers Sanders Love El Dey. She is Moorish American. In the media, he usually uses the nickname “P-Love” or “Miss P.” 

While her educational background is unavailable, Pilar appears to be well-versed in the law as she appeared before a court without a lawyer and cited numerous pieces of legislation in violation of her visiting schedule. She also used the law against law enforcement, handing over her children only after the police visited her for the third time on a court order.    

Pilar’s Career

Pilar is also an actress and producer best known for films such as Percentage (2014). She also runs a fitness blogger and often shares her fitness regimes on social media and on her website. She also appeared on the cover of fitness magazine MQM in April 2017. Pilar co-starred with her husband in the reality show Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love. 

Pilar’s marriage life

Pilar married Deion on May 21, 1999, but divorced 14 years later, in September 2013. They have three children (2 sons and a daughter). Their name is Shedaur Sanders. 

Deion filed for divorce with Pilar for the first time on September 22, 2011. However, they lived in a 40,000 square foot mansion in Texas. It is said that Pilar first discovered it after reading about the divorce on the celebrity gossip website TMZ! At first, she disagreed with the divorce and tried to reconcile with her ex-husband. The divorce base Deion accused Pilar of infidelity and abuse and claimed that their marriage was “full of lies.”  

To make matters worse, Deion’s fiancée Tracy Edmonds discredited her, and after Deion’s daughter from a previous marriage, Deyndra Sanders threw herself into a series of tweets questioning her commitment to the marriage. The divorce decree granted Deion full custody of Pilar’s children and a date with Pilar’s mother, but Deion claimed to have violated visiting hours at least 16 times. He was forced to force her to return the children by court order, for which Pilar was deprived of the right to visit her children and was sentenced to one week in prison.   

Deion also previously filed a $ 2.2 million libel suit against his ex-wife in connection with her physical abuse and attempted murder charges. During the fiasco, Pilar maintained her position and insisted on the veracity of her claims. Her perseverance and dedication paid off when the original libel conviction was overturned. In the end, he also fully regained custody of his daughter and son Shiloh.   

Pilar’s Salary & Net Worth :

  • Pilar is also an actress and producer, known for movies such as Percentage (2014).
  • She is also a fitness blogger and frequently shares her fitness regimes on social media sites and her own website. She was also featured in the cover of the MQM fitness magazine in April 2017.
  • Pilar starred together with her husband in the reality TV series Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love. It aired on Oxygen Network for a total of 8 episodes and premiered on April 15, 2008.

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