Are you planning to travel? Don’t forget to go through the U.S. Covid 19 travel restrictions State by State Guide for May 2021.

As the vaccinations are getting distributed and more people are getting their shot, the travels will be starting soon, and for the same reason, the U.S. government has come with a State By State Guide of May 2021 Covid 19 travel restrictions.

Let’s dig into the blog and aware of the state restrictions.

 Alaska is not testing domestic guests. Although, visitors from out of state are still required to get their 72 to 48 hours ago negative report at the airport. The travellers still need to fill a Travel declaration form.

A fully vaccinated person(if he/she got their second dose 14 days ago ) won’t be tested or be kept in self-quarantine.

Alaska airport is also planning to start giving their visitors a free Covid-19 vaccine from 1st June 2021.

California is requesting their visitors who are not full vaccinated to quarantine for 10 days upon the arrival.

In the city of Los Angeles, visitors from out of state and 16+ age are requested to fill out an online form to the Department of Public Health’s travel requirements. (There is a fine of $500 if you fail to submit the form)

Connecticut is requesting their travellers to carry a negative report and post-arrival 10-day quarantine still recommended. They have come up with CDC travel guideline that travellers must go through.

The state of Washington Dc is requesting travellers coming from low-risk places to carry their negative report that was taken 72 hours before the travelling date. While the visitors from high-risk areas carry the negative report also keep themselves in quarantine for at least 10 days post-arrival.

If you are a fully vaccinated person, you would need to carry your documents to avoid the testing and long procedures.

Vermont and Rhode Island are also following the same rules as Washington. The state is requesting visitors to show negative report and asking them for self-quarantine. Either you got full vaccinated 14 days ago or recovered from covid 90 days before; showing your documentation will help you avoid testings.

Oregon is requesting out of state travellers to self-quarantine themselves 14 days post-arrival. While if you are full vaccinated, you would not be kept in quarantine.

New York is asking its visitors to fill New Your Travel Health Department form. According to the CDC guidelines, the visitors are requested to do a self-quarantine post-arrival. Else, the state is not following much testing and procedures.

New Mexico is not asking the visitors much but, if you are travelling from a hotspot of Covid 19, you would need to self-quarantine yourself for at least 14 days post-arrival.

New Jersey is requesting the travellers to maintain a 14 days quarantine if coming from out of state; even if you have submitted your negative report, they’re asking you to maintain at least a 7-day self-quarantine post-arrival. While if you are full vaccinated or recovered from covid 90 days before, you might need not follow the above rules. But, masks are still required.

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississipi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North and South Carolina, North and South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming,(May 4th, 2021)The U.S. visitors are allowed to travel and visit Alabama. As of now, the state has no travel restrictions. Although, small communities within the states might have their own rules regarding the Covid situation. Remember you will still have to wear masks and maintain social distance in public places. The states have come up with CDC travel guideline that travellers must go through.

Other than these rules and regulations, travelers from out of state and domestic are requested to follow social distancing and should not forget to wear their masks. For more detailed knowledge, you can visit the particular state official website.

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