The first woman to gain control of U.S. nuclear weapons was Kamala Harris

Biden underwent a colonoscopy at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Kamala Harris temporarily assumed his role as commander-in-chief when he was done with his procedure and recovered from sedation.

Harris’s temporary control of the nuclear arsenal was Section 1043(a) the Presidential Succession Act.

Kamala Harris

Yesterday, President Joe Biden transferred his power to Vice President Kamala Harris while undergoing a routine colonoscopy. But she was also the first woman in U.S. history to have control of the United States’ atomic weapons.

‘The process for updating the Presidential line-up of eligibility is outlined in Article II Section I of the United States of America Constitution, saying Vice President Joe Biden will ascend to power if current President Barack Obama is indisposed.’

“The Vice President has relocated to her office in the West Wing during this time,” said Psaki.

Although every single U.S. President since Harry Truman has had the authority to use nuclear weapons at any time, not all of them have authorized nuclear choice against an enemy. Presidents of the U.S. have needed to follow around a gold-plated aluminum briefcase since the time of Dwight Eisenhower.

One, the briefcase is the physical representation of presidential authority to use nuclear weapons. It’s just for the President to use and has no other access except him.

Football is a product of Cold War tensions with the Russians, so it exists because “we’ve been afraid that a surprise nuclear attack could catch us completely by surprise and prevent any sort of response.”

The emergency bag contains emergency communication tools, codes for nuclear war, and the option to launch a nuclear strike. These are used in conjunction with the football to launch a strike.”

The President is allowed to order a strike if necessary.

The Vice President is followed by a backup football raised above his head, as highlighted when rioters came very close to Former Vice President Mike Pence’s football during the riots at the Capitol. The vice president carries a biscuit containing an inactive code. These tools are for rare and critical situations where the President was injured, left unconscious, or killed.

On Friday, Harris took office, and her codes were activated, which gave them access to the football or any other means of launching nuclear weapons if they deemed it necessary.

Only in the United States has this never happened before. Harris was, however, not the first woman in history to have the authority.

Since Biden has assumed the office of President, he has been more active.

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