John Bercow suspended as investigation found him to be a ‘Serious Bully’

An inquiry by Parliament’s Independent Expert Panel, which was published on Tuesday, found the ex-MP guilty of 21 distinct claims.

Bercow, who joined Labour last year, is now believed to have been administratively suspended pending an investigation by the party.

He was elected as a Conservative MP and became Speaker of the House of Commons in 2009, where he served for a decade before leaving Parliament in 2019.

However, he has faced many complaints from three former House staff members over occurrences that occurred between 2009 and 2014.

One complaint alleged that the former Speaker “shouted and mimicked” his employees, while another claimed that the MP engaged in “threatening conduct” and “undermining behaviour” frequently.

A third former staff member alleged that the Speaker had subjected them to a “persistent pattern of behaviour… that included frequent baseless criticism of the complainant” as well as “derogatory generalisations about his upbringing and background.”

Bercow has slammed the report’s findings, saying that “to describe what I’ve observed as a kangaroo court is highly demeaning to kangaroos.”

Former Commons leader Andrea Leadsom said Keir Starmer must dismiss Bercow from the Labour Party after the IEP report was released this morning.

Officials in the House of Commons have also reacted to the report’s release, commencing the process of removing a plaque honouring John Bercow in the Parliamentary gym’s spinning class.

Since 2015, the cycle studio in the parliamentary estate’s gym has been known as the “John Bercow Lounge.”

Since 1999, lawmakers such as Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab and senior Tory MP Peter Bone have been known to work up a sweat on the estate’s fitness equipment.

The plaque “will be removed in due course,” said a House of Commons spokesman.

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