Here are the five largest Russian exports to the United States

Some bars and liquor stores across the US have pulled Russian vodka from their shelves to sell Ukrainian manufacturers alternatively.

five largest Russian exports

Russia turned into the US’ twentieth-largest provider of goods imports in 2019 — totaling $22.Three billion, according to the Office of America Trade Representative.

While vodka comes to thought to many Americans as a chief good from Russia, the top imports in 2019 had been:

mineral fuels

treasured metals and stones

iron and metal


inorganic chemical substances

five largest Russian exports

Snack meals have been the leading category of agricultural imports from Russia in 2019, observed by tree nuts, oils and dairy merchandise.

On the turn facet, Russians are reliant on a large number of imported goods from around the globe. Prices for the ones items are likely to skyrocket, doubtlessly causing deliver chain problems in the coming weeks.

Russia has moved to provide many goods domestically, together with most of its meals, to guard the financial system from sanctions, stated Tyler Kustra, an assistant professor of politics and international members of the family on the University of Nottingham.

According to the USTR, U.S. Total exports of agricultural products to Russia totaled $193 million in 2019.

Prepared food turned into the leading domestic export category, accompanied by using planting seeds, tobacco and stay animals.

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