Did you know? The US Navy is proposing a new submarine soon

In general, warships are better when they are more armed and more secretive in the water. These two qualities are helpful when it comes to war. You are right if you guessed that the creation of these beasts requires a lot of research.   

Worried About Russian Submarine Activity

As you probably guessed, turning a blueprint into a mighty royal ship is not at all easy. The governments of several world powers are striving to create the best possible submarine the world has ever seen. Of course, the US Navy isn’t just waiting for the others to pass. 

They are now working on a mighty ship that will hopefully surpass even the most powerful of their competitors! But what exactly are they planning to build?    

US navy

The truth is that diving has taken place in both the North Atlantic and the east coast of the United States. This is very worrisome for the Navy. There is a growing number of Russian ships in the area, so we can understand why they think so. 

The agency’s job is to protect us from any potential threat in our waters. When foreign powers invade our territory, they have no choice but to step up their game.   

You should know that Russian attack submarines are now among the most powerful in the world. Nuclear submarines Alpha and Shark once ruled the oceans. There was a time when both of them were indeed the best on the planet.   

This is a severe cause for concern. What else when they come out with an even more powerful ship? Keep in mind that the Ash class submarines should be even better. The Ash-class submarine with superior firepower and stealth is undoubtedly a threat.    

Russian Subs Have Been Called The Best Out There

The Russian Navy did not restrain the structure of the ship. She was designed as a multipurpose nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine. There is no doubt that it will be great. In addition, the Navy has not yet finished work on this. We are confident that when it comes out, it will be even better.   

Class 545 Laika is the latest model in the Russian Navy’s line. This is one of the latest plans developed by the Russian military.  

Well, we can definitely understand why the US Navy feels gravely threatened by all of these events. The truth is, the predecessor was already a fantastic car. Of course, the new one will be even more powerful in many ways.    

The Yasen Class Has Topnotch Stealth And Firepower

It is thought that the “Lycra” category will contain elements of the “Ash” and “Ash-M” categories. Therefore, its maximum speed on the water surface is likely to be 23 miles per hour, and underwater-32 miles per hour. It may also have a top speed of 40 mph underwater. In addition, the Lycra class will be equipped with 8 BLS missile silos. Therefore, they can be fitted with Onix anti-ship cruise missiles and KALIBR cruise missiles.    

It will also have ten torpedo tubes. These features may not matter much to you, but they will make your ship more powerful than ever. The Laika class is also expected to arrive with a new weapon known as the 3M22 Zircon Hypersonic. The cruise missile will allow you to hit targets both on land and at sea at a speed of Mach 9.    

In the end, countering these attacks will take a lot of effort and preparation.  

As you might have guessed, Russian submarines are deadly and effective animals. On the other hand, the US Navy is by no means defenceless. After all, they also have respectable missiles and attack submarines. Upon learning of these new threats, they work hard to make sure they keep up.    

However, there is still time. The Russian Navy does not plan to begin construction of the Laika class in 2023. The US Navy has time to work on designing a ship that could compete with it. The fact is that the US Navy plans to introduce rapid attack submarines as part of its SSN (X) program.    

Los Angeles’s nuclear-powered Rapid Attack Submarines are currently among the most stealthy ships in the US Navy. It is therefore shocking that SSN (X) will be 70 times more secretive than this model. This is very impressive, but still not the best feature.    

Why It Will Take Such A Long Time

While it is interesting to speculate on this, it is essential to see how similar it is to previous models. With such a long wait, the specialists will have enough time to finalize everything about the submarine. They can choose the technology to be used based on its characteristics. Besides, it would be nice to wait for the Russians to start deploying his new submarine. This way, they will be able to see if something needs to be adjusted.    

A ship of this size would need a ton of power to power it. Therefore, the new design will require an engine that works not only on diesel-electric but also on a nuclear one!

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