A 4-year old shoots himself in Georgia

Why did the 4year old shoot himself?

Police and heartbroken relatives reported that a 4-year-old boy shot himself in a car outside a Georgia grocery store while his mother was shopping inside. A four-year-old boy in Georgia died Sunday after accidentally shooting himself with a gun left in his mother’s car.   

What do the police say?

A police statement said the 4-year-old seized a gun left in his mother’s car before “accidentally shooting himself” at about 5 pm. Outside the Georgia Public Store on Sunday.

When did the incident take place?

 A 4-year-old boy died after shooting a 4-year-old boy outside a grocery store, Georgia authorities said. It happened Sunday night in DeKalb County. The boy was in a car in the Publix parking lot on Panola Road, Panola Road, with a baby and a 13-year-old relative, according to the WSB. Investigators said the incident happened around 5 pm. Next to the 3000 block of Via Panola. Authorities said the teenager in the car immediately ran to the grocery store for help after the shooting.   

Police said the 13-year-old relative immediately rushed to the Publix store for help. According to a press release, her mother entered the store 

alone, while the children were alone in the car. The children stayed in the car while his mother went shopping. According to Mielle’s other aunt, Guadalupe Woods, the three children were told to stay in her car while Mielle’s mom went to buy a birthday cake.  

Aunt Meells said her daughter was in the passenger seat playing music when she heard the gun go off and smoke fill the car. Myell’s grandmother, April Griffin, said that Myell’s grandmother didn’t know where she got the gun from because she didn’t have a firearm. On Monday, Griffin said his daughter, Mielle’s mother, did not have a gun and the family does not know how Mielle could have found those weapons.    

Upon arrival, her mother went to the grocery store, leaving the children in the family car. The mother of a 4-year-old boy, identified as Miyell Hernandez, walked into a Publix supermarket and left her three children in her car, according to the Atlanta-Journal Construction. It was then that Hernandez shot himself with a gun left in the car. Police told Fox 5 Atlanta that an unreliable handgun was kept in his car.   

It is unclear who owned the weapons and whether they were legally registered. Until Tuesday, there were no charges or arrests related to the shootings, according to police. No one else was wounded or wounded. According to reports, the relative was with the child when the shooting took place around 5:00 pm. No one else was hurt and no one was arrested.    

The incident was the second in five days to kill a child on the Atlanta subway, and the sixth this year to kill a child under the age of 18. The 2022 Atlanta subway shooting killed at least 6 children. The suspect has been charged, according to police.  

Late Wednesday night, 9-year-old Kemony Mack was shot and killed at the station of the Richmond Hill apartment complex at 1700 Richmond Circle in southeast Atlanta, police said. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the teen was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of nine-year-old Kimoni Mack on the same day he shot and killed the mother of a 4-year-old. Dekalb County Police said a four-year-old boy found a gun and accidentally shot himself in the parking lot of a Publix store around 5 pm on Sunday. Last month, another 4-year-old boy in Louisiana shot himself after finding a gun in the back seat of the car he was in while his mother and friend smoked marijuana in front. 

The eight-month-old sister was immediately taken to the hospital, but she did not survive. A 4-year-old Georgian boy, his mother, a newborn child and a 13-year-old relative came to the Publix store. Police say a 4-year-old Georgian girl described north of Dialabab County, Georgia.   

Our hearts and thoughts are with the Hernandez family,” said DeKalb County Police Chief Mirtha Ramos. The Gun Safety Expo is scheduled for March 19, and the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department will announce More details. An event will be held later this month offering weapon locks and storage tips, according to the police department. The police department said later this month it will offer free gun keys and tips for safe storage.   

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