Boris Johnson is bruised but survives the fatal No Confidence Motion!

The conservative party leader faced a significant no-confidence motion on Monday 6th June 2022. The results were not satisfactory, but he was able to hold his position by a marginal 41% votes of MP in his favour. However, this is a bruised win for the PM, as this will enhance his pre-established negative outlook. Although the PM, Boris Johnson, didn’t seem to be much affected by this shift as he stated post motion in the press that the results were ‘extremely good, satisfactory and conclusive ‘. 

The final tally was 211 in favour and 148 against him.

The opponents are still after Boris Johnson.

Under the current rules, the PM  cannot face another NCM for a year as per the Conservative Party. However, the opponents are looking for so-called loopholes in the structure so that the rules can be changed.

The opponents took this opportunity to remind the public that the incompetent PM  is still under investigation for misleading many MPs for parties in Downing Street during the Coronavirus  Lockdown.

Also, some of his critics suggested that he may have survived the NCM  but completely lost the will of the people in his favour and ethically should resign. Many believe that it is ideal for him to resign to save the country from a situation of uncertainty and chaos.

Interestingly, critics also stated that his predecessor Theresa May was also able to survive the NCM relatively better than him as she was able to gain the support of 63% in voting but still was kicked out of the office in a fraction of six months after the NCM. It is evident what the critics are referring to and what they are suggesting in the near future for Boris Johnson.

Another test awaits Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson is all set to face another challenge this month: the two by-elections in the Yorkshire seat of Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton in Devon.

Winning this has become more significant than ever, considering the situation PM just came out of; the liberals will use every might and tactic as they are capable of using this situation for their advantage as they are currently in a much more comfortable position than their direct rivals, the Conservatives.

Expect a comeback by Boris Johnson.

The PM is all set to use the factor of incumbency in his favour as he is perfectly skilled in doing so. Also, according to some analysts, a Thursday morning speech is in line by the PM  to address the general population and come back stronger in this uncertain situation.

It is predicted that the PM might address issues revolving around the economy, mainly targeting the housing sector.

The ideal way through

Clearly, suppose the party is looking to sustain and secure another tenure. In that case, it is high time to unify the party and diminish the differences inside the party, which are evidently existing as of now.

If any loopholes are a possibility, then there is definitely an inevitable situation for another NCM or be it any other way, but Boris Johnson will not survive the hit this time, and it would lead to total uncertainty and chaos in the coming time.

Therefore the party from within needs to sort out their differences and pave a way to come back stronger if they are looking to sustain for a longer time.

The blabbing Liberal leader

Interestingly the liberal leader, Sir Ed Davey, summarised the PM as a consistent lying lawbreaker who is, as stated by him, “clinging on by the skin of his teeth “.

He signalled that if given an opportunity to raise another NCM, this time, they would put an end to this mess and kick the PM out of Downing Street. “

Literally, the dilemma is that people still expect political correct and ideal words from our leaders while they are just sailing around in the open wind like there is no tomorrow.

Another reputed leader of the liberal party stated they are in the mood to consider all the relevant options to dethrone PM Boris Johnson, and they are eager to do so.

The clouds are clear for now.

The recent happenings have shown that the uncertainty is yet to kick in for one final time. In contrast, the PM will look forward to uniting the party to hold strong stature. On the other hand, the Liberals will apply every aspect of their knowledge and capabilities to counter the bounce-back of the Conservatives.

Interestingly it all depends on how Boris Johnson will play his cards in front of the population as well as within the party. Evidently, the coming two by-elections in Yorkshire & Tiverton and Devon have the potential to change the odds for both the parties and set the trend to pave the way ahead. Everything is looking to shift marginally, but onto which court is yet to happen.

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