Blood Shed Near Medical Campus, Tulsa; Several People Died

According to police authorities, at least four people were killed in a shooting on a hospital campus building in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday evening. According to police officials, the gunman is also deceased. According to Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish, the shooter’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted. The Natalie Building at St. Francis Hospital, between 61st and Yale, was the scene of an active shooter report shortly after 4:50 p.m. Wednesday.

The “Senseless Act of Violence and Hatred” in Tulsa’s Hospital

There were many gunshots heard on the second level, which prompted police authorities to respond. They reached the location and made contact with the victims and the shooter shortly after 5 p.m., confirming that four people had died and several more had been severely injured. The suspect also died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to authorities. The shooting was described as a “senseless act of violence and hatred” by Gov. Kevin Stitt in a statement. The cause of the heinous assault was unknown. During the attack, the unnamed gunman, however, used a handgun as well as a rifle.

Officers did a floor by floor investigation of the building to look out for any more threats. The incident happened on a lower floor, according to a Tulsa police officer who was inside the building. The victims looked to be dressed as doctors and nurses, although their true identities have yet to be confirmed. According to aerial footage from a TV helicopter, first responders seemed to be transporting someone on a stretcher away from the medical facility. A spokesperson said that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives confirmed that agents were also there at the crime scene in Tulsa.

How did the Healthcare Workers React on the Heinous Tulsa Shooting Incident?

Jan Hodges, a healthcare worker, claimed she was about 100 yards away from the shooting scene. KOTV quoted her as saying, ” I saw police officers with shields and rifles running into a building and thought to myself, “I’ve seen this on the news several times in other regions.” It was almost like I’d seen it before. I couldn’t believe it was happening in my own backyard, and I’m ill because I know individuals who work in the Natalie Building, and I’m worried about them. I don’t know what’s going on with them at this time.”

The initial responders on the scene were thanked with tears by Dr Robertson. He also stated that the St. Francis health system employs nearly 10,000 individuals who strive to improve people’s lives and that this “senseless, awful” crime will not affect that. St. Francis, according to Mayor G.T. Bynum, is a “sacred ground” for the city, a place where heroes work to save people’s lives. He did not have a single response for people who wanted to aid following the shooting. Tulsa residents should consider what St. Francis and the individuals who work there mean to them, according to Bynum.

President Biden has been briefed, according to the White House, which also stated that the situation was being actively followed and that the White House had gone out to state and local leaders to provide assistance. President Joe Biden was briefed on the shooting, and the White House said it was “closely watching the situation” and has “reached out to state and local leaders to provide support.”

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