Re-thinking about accepting the new privacy policy by Whatsapp might make you lose your account.

We all are very well familiar with Whatsapp and its features. We all are daily users of WhatsApp. Aren’t we? From encrypted messages to having an extra app for just business. Whatsapp has been trying to get the whole of the world on it.

The previous year, Whatsapp announced planning to re-design the privacy policies that included massive amounts of data sharing with its parent company, Facebook. As soon as the announcement came to the internet, users rushed, asking for a delay in the changes. Also, they emphasized understanding the new laws in privacy policy more clearly first.

The New Policy kept for May 15 deadline. The user will have to accept the new policies or lose the app’s functionality. Some users still do not want to adapt to the new policy rules, finding it challenging to trust WhatsApp anymore. Whatsapp has softened the deadline a little bit and told its users that they would not lose the functionality of Whatsapp immediately, but there will be a gradual loss. However, they also mentioned that if users want to use Whatsapp for a more extended period, they will accept the new policies. 

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What is the recent news regarding WhatsApp policies?

Recent news regarding WhatsApp says that “no one will have their accounts deleted or lose functionality of WhatsApp” if they haven’t agreed to the new terms by May 15.

Instead, WhatsApp said that those who have yet to agree would receive “persistent reminders” within the app to accept the changes. If you continue to hold out, then after “several weeks,” you’ll encounter “limited functionality” until you take the update.

What will users be limited to if they are yet to accept the changes Whatsapp made.

No chat list? What is that?

Trusted sources say that if you are not adapting to Whatsapp’s new policy changes, you will experience limited functionality on Whatsapp. That means you won’t be any longer access your chat list. Sitting on the couch and texting your friends on Whatsapp might not be available for you if you still haven’t accepted the new policy rules.

Nevertheless, You still will be able to pick up voice calls and video calls on Whatsapp. (I guess it will be just calling then if you are in no mood to go through the new changes.) Although Whatsapp adds that you won’t be able to access your chat list, if you have your notification enabled by tapping on the Whatsapp toggle, you will be able to respond or read a message or call back if you have missed a call.

There is still more…..

This limited functionality will also carry a time frame with itself. After a couple of weeks, Whatsapp pops up a warning saying, “you won’t be able to receive incoming calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.”

Moreover, Whatsapp continues that it won’t automatically delete your account if you fail to accept the new privacy policies. You still need to understand that your account might get deleted if you do not have any activity on Whatsapp for 120 days.

What is the New Policy of Whatsapp?

Whatsapp Announced a new privacy policy that is blowing the user minds. Not everyone is planning to accept the policy. This new Privacy Policy is capable of watching the distribution of data happening on WhatsApp and Facebook.

The reason users are re-thinking about accepting the privacy policy, they fear that they might lose all the privacy. They have a fear that Whatsapp Company will watch all their private messages and media.

However, Whatsapp Clarified this statement and assured its users that something like this wouldn’t happen. They also ensured their privacy and said that WhatsApp will still have end-to-end encrypted chats. So, feel free to talk to your people.

Although Whatsapp did add that data sharing to and from the Whatsapp business account will be the one that will get share to Whatsapp Company. They further continued saying that the company will also be gathering all the user’s information, including his phone contacts, device, location, and IP address.

If you have been getting reminders from Whatsapp already, don’t waste your time accepting the new privacy policies before you lose your account and all the essential data you have on your Whatsapp Business Chats. For a better understanding, you can head to Whatsapp’s Official page.

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