New Windows 11 Update Released? The New OS from Microsoft

Microsoft has added a new member to the Windows family with Windows 11. And being the youngest member of the family, Microsoft has made sure that it is most technologically advanced. Read the blog to know more about Microsoft’s New Windows 11 Update.

There are several improvements that Microsoft has inculcated in the new Windows 11 system. Some of the new features include better PC gaming, better operation of multiple monitors and improved multi-tasking. Basically, take everything and add better to it. That’s how Windows 11 can be defined. 

Release date of New Windows 11 Update

Microsoft says Windows 11 will start to show up in the 2021 Christmas season—all in all, around the year’s end.
“Eligible Windows 10 PCs” will get a free move up to Windows 11 beginning toward the finish of 2021 and proceeding into 2022—it’s anything but a slow rollout.

Is your PC “Eligible”?

In the past, we have seen that the Windows updates have had extensive backward compatibility, but things will not be the same with Windows 11. The compatible systems for Windows 11 have to fall under stringent specifications. The fundamental requirements include a PC with UEFI firmware that is Secure Bootable and a rendition 2.0 TPM module chip, for instance. You will likewise require “a viable 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)”. 32-bit PCs are in a tight spot, albeit even numerous 64-bit PCs will not get the update.

To check if your PC will get Windows 11, download and run Microsoft’s PC Health Check application. On the off chance that you have debilitated Secure Boot or the TPM in your PC’s UEFI firmware settings, you may have to re-empower it before the software says your PC is viable.
Microsoft says it will keep supporting Windows 10 through October 14, 2025, so you can remain on Windows 10 regardless of whether your PC will not get the update.

How to Download the New Windows 11 Update?

You can get the preview if your PC capable of supporting Windows 11. Microsoft will start releasing the preview sometime around June 28, 2021, on Insider Preview builds of Windows  11.

How to Download the New Windows 11 Update
New Windows 11 Update

The New Features 

New and Centre placed Start Menu

The new Windows has replaced the old design with a new one. The start button that used to be on the left side is now in the centre of the screen (Though you can place it on the left side if you wish.)

It also has replaced the apps presented in tiles with a design in the form of lists and recent files.

Multi-Monitor and Multi-Window Features 

The new Windows focuses on better functionality and gives you a more efficient work environment with the ability to use multiple windows. There’s a “Snap Layouts” include for rapidly orchestrating applications on your screen. Simple mouse over a window’s “Maximize” catch, and you can, without much of a stretch, pick a screen locale for it.

Windows will likewise recollect where you place your applications with “Snap Groups.” You can rapidly click a solitary taskbar symbol to pull up a gathering of snapped applications. Additionally, when utilizing Windows 11 on a tablet, windows that are one next to the other will naturally stack on top of one another when you change the gadget’s direction.
Different screens are improving, as well, with “another docking and undocking experience.” When you unplug a screen, the windows on the screen will limit themselves instead of disrupting the general flow. Windows will naturally re-establish the windows to their unique positions on that screen when you reconnect the screen.

Desktop Apps with New Store

The new store will be your one-stop for all your apps. Developers can offer customary Win32 work area applications in the Store close by Univeral Windows Platform (UWP) applications and Progress Web App (PWA) applications. Applications can be in some other application structure that chips away at Windows, as well.
Microsoft will allow designers to utilize their own business capacities in these applications and keep 100% income. Valve could circulate Steam employing the Microsoft Store and not need to pay Microsoft an additional penny at the end of the day.

The Store has been overhauled, as well. It likewise has TV shows and films. In any case, more critically, Microsoft says it’s been modified for speed—at the end of the day, even Microsoft concurs the old Store was excessively lethargic.

One Update a Year 

Microsoft says Windows 11 will be better about the new updates. Updates will be 40% more modest, and they will not stop the functioning of your PC (working in the background) similar to a Chromebook.

Far better, Microsoft is moving to a one-major update-a-year plan. With Windows 10, Microsoft pushed two major updates a year and interaction that prompted some enormous bugs—and simply broad disturbances. At the same time, you sit, trusting that your PC will refresh before you can utilize it. Microsoft is currently adjusting its timetable to other working frameworks like Google’s Android, Apple’s macOS, and Apple’s iOS and iPad OS-all of which get one major update each year, not two.

Android Apps on Windows
New Windows 11 Update
Android Apps on Windows

You’ll have the option to get Android applications through the Microsoft Store and run them on your PC. Microsoft is doing this in organization with the Amazon Appstore, albeit the applications will be disseminated through the standard Microsoft Store application. Microsoft says it’s utilizing “Intel Bridge Technology” to empower this.

Better Gaming

Microsoft talked up some gaming highlights that, as of now, exist, as DirectX 12 Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC, which offers limitless admittance to a library of PC games for a month to month expense.

In any case, there are some new things here. Two highlights from the Xbox Series X are advancing toward PC.

The first is Auto HDR, which will help “more than 1000” past age games look better via consequently empowering HDR. Without this element, just games worked to help HDR would utilize HDR on an HDR-viable presentation. Microsoft showed it off in Skyrim, where it made the tones considerably more striking and dynamic.

The second is DirectStorage. A few Windows 11 PCs will be “DirectStorage Optimized”— they will require an elite NVMe SSD and suitable drivers. Games can rapidly stack information from framework stockpiling straightforwardly to the illustrations card without burdening the CPU on these PCs. Like in Xbox, it should accelerate game burden times and make quicker stacking of resources during ongoing interaction conceivable.

All of these updates are quite impressive and much-needed ones. Microsoft has definitely kept the needs of the users in mind while making Windows 11. Check out here, to know how you can install the new windows 11.

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