Microsoft is Mocking itself with Memes for the Xbox Naming Pattern

The Internet is flooding with memes over the years, mocking Microsoft for naming Xbox. The naming has a pattern that goes with the names, such as Xbox’s Series X as the successor of  Xbox One X. Similarly, Xbox One S followed by Series S and preceding it was the Xbox One, which motivated the Internet to go all out and produce countless memes that mocked the naming patterns. After countless memes, Microsoft stepped up and took charge of mocking their naming pattern themselves.

Microsoft posted a video on Instagram through the official Xbox account mocking its naming pattern with a series of memes, which starts with an Xbox’s series X, an Xbox’s Series X box, an ex-boxed Series X next to its box so on.

Memes name of Microsoft  is Xbox

As seen early on, the Xbox fridge meme stopped flooding the Internet after Microsoft started using the meme themselves; probably this time won’t be any different. There are huge chances that Microsoft has ended the Series of memes, though the caption of the aforementioned video said, “we’ll keep going until someone tells us to stop.”

Truth be told, the Xbox’s group has been utilizing memes as often as possible since the Xbox’s Series X was declared in late 2019. Indeed, even the Xbox’s Series Sbreak last year incited the Xbox Twitter record to react with a meme before the console was formally “nitty-gritty” hours after the fact.

Microsoft beat Skittles in a Twitter survey and made more petite than usual Series X coolers a reality. The smaller than expected ice chests will be accessible this Christmas season.

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