Everything You Need to Know About Eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

Over time, the realm of intelligent security has taken on a whole different shape. Where earlier we relied on big names in home security to come in, set up their equipment, and provide remote checking administrations, the security framework has gradually grown more DIY — and we like it that way. Nothing beats grabbing your phone, launching an app, and reviewing a live stream from a designated camera. The actual setup may take a little longer when it comes to open-air DIY gadgets, but the quick genuine emotions of serenity remain the same.

What’s not to like about a robust floodlight camera, too? When shopping for a floodlight system, many products claim to be great, but Eufy, the smart home business of parent company Anker Innovations, continues to amaze us. Get your hands on the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, the organization’s current main advertisement, during the arrival of an all-new open-air camera arrangement.

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About this item

  • 360° Pan and Tilt Camera Coverage: Pan the focus point 360° on a level plane to acquire a complete picture with no weak sides.
  • 2K Full HD: When live-streaming or recording a film, capture all of the intricacies in full 2K HD.
  • 3 Tuneable Light Panels for Keen Lighting: Spotlight shading’s temperature and brightness adjusts on the bases of dawn and dark, timings, and movement detection.
  • Subject Lock and Tracking: When an individual is available, the on-device AI detects this and locks, tracks, and records the subject.
  • Change the Night into Day: Gate crashers are deterred by 3,000-lumen super-splendid movement-activated floodlights, which ensure full-shade coverage.

Smart Features

The Eufy Floodlight Camera doesn’t have many fancy features, but what it does have—checking zones and voice control—seems to work well. For example, while there are no AI-based alarms like with Arlo’s competing camera, the Eufy camera’s movement recognition works admirably, in any case, catching a wandering dark feline strolling through my carport in the evening. However, because movement detection is a given for all surveillance cameras, we don’t consider it a clever feature.

Here’s more information on Eufy’s excellent elements and how they work:

  • Monitoring zones: This function, which Eufy refers to as Activity Zones, allows you to highlight specific areas that the camera “sees” to receive movement notifications from the development just in those areas. Eufy’s activity zones work fine, but they aren’t easy to remake like those from Arlo and Ring’s competing floodlight cameras. While those models allow you to create zones in various configurations to cover a crisscrossing carport or bent yard, Eufy’s action zones must be square or rectangular. You need to use two rectangular action zones to adequately protect the edge of my front yard because it is not a straight line. It’s not a significant issue, but it would be nice if this feature could be flexible a little more.
  • Voice control: This floodlight camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to manage the camera with your voice or other smart home devices. When you first set up the feature, you asked Alexa and Google to pull up live feeds from the camera. However, a few days later, they showed live feeds from the camera without any problems. The two partners may also regulate the floodlight camera’s lights, which is a nice bonus feature. Unfortunately, two-way sound does not operate with either assistance. You may communicate with visitors using only the Eufy Security app.

Installation and Setup

You might be taken aback by the Eufy floodlight’s setup and configuration measures, having previously introduced constructed floodlight cameras. A connection with force string onto the Eufy as you package it. That’s because Eufy claims you to plug it into an outlet and configure it on the Eufy Security app before wiring it into the floodlight’s electrical box. Fortunately, the connection with the arrangement was quick and straightforward. What you should do is- connect the camera to Wi-Fi and launch the Eufy Security app. You will be ready to use the camera.

To hook the camera into an electrical box, turn off the camera and disconnect the force string from the camera’s wiring. You must first turn off your current floodlight before proceeding. This entails turning off the power at your breaker box, removing the screws holding the floodlight in place. Hence, disconnecting the line, neutral, and ground wires from the old floodlight.

After the removable, you can start introducing the Eufy Floodlight Camera. The Eufy program includes a step-by-step setup video to guide you through each step of the interaction. When you consider the time, it can take to remove the old floodlight and replace it with the floodlight camera. The whole exchange can take around 45 minutes to complete. When finished, go out the door, and check if the camera is ready.

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Video Quality

According to Eufy, the Floodlight Camera can record in full 1080p HD. Although there are a few cloudy patches, the video appears to be accurate on a reasonably small cell phone screen. The floodlights are also extremely bright, resulting in fantastic shaded night vision in this camera’s evening film. The most legitimate concern about Eufy’s video quality is that it’s difficult to view the detail in shadowed areas during the day. Most likely because the Eufy floodlight camera requires powerful high reach (HDR). This feature makes shadows and too bright regions easier to see.

Should You Buy the Eufy Floodlight Camera?

The Eufy Floodlight Camera is an obvious choice if you’re trying to stick to a budget and avoid monthly fees. For the money, it has good video quality, movement detection, and bright components. Its biggest flaw is that it lacks the component diversity of competitors like the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera ($250) and Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro ($250), both of which also got tested. Despite this, the Eufy is a capable surveillance camera.

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