Did You Know? A new Version Of Chrome Is Out!

Google is constantly improving the browser’s security, payment capabilities, tab management features, and much more. Version 9.5 breaks down security barriers in the new browser, has increased payment integrations to keep users protected, includes tab management options that simplify hotel shopping titles, even more to further minimize mistakes that would have happened before, offers multiple authentication identities for added protection–and much more. Chrome version 9.5 will be available today after an update on October 19.

Improved Secure Payments

Buying things online carries some risk, and Google is trying to improve this. Version 9.5 of the popular browser includes improved security, payments, the ability to store tabs and groups, and much more. The aim is to make the buying process safer and more straightforward. It also includes improved payments and authentication. The new version of Chrome is available today, October 19, 2021.  

The Chrome team is working on a new feature that will allow users to automatically share their desktop browser window with the app they’re using.

This means that when you close your tab in Chrome, the app will be able to take over your desktop.

Web Apps Can Be Default Apps

Google also announced a new feature that lets users save any website as a Chrome Custom Tab in their bookmarks bar for easy access. Late third parties such as banks can use the new payment extension to authenticate requests during the checkout process. Since Chrome 95, a Web app can register as a URL handler. This means that it behaves more like a standard native app.    

For example, if you click on a link linked to a service, it opens in the service’s web app. Some of these features are faster than others, which means they are integrated into Chrome after a while. 

As a result, you, the user, get a web app that feels more like a real, native app.    

Color Eyedropper Tool for Web Apps

Chrome 95 for the desktop gets a new dropper API.   

Based on color theory, the dropper is used to select colors from an image and fill them with gradients or patterns.

Based on color theory, the dropper is used to select colors from an image and fill them with gradients or patterns.

A pipette is a tool that allows you to select colors from an image. Chrome 95 for the desktop gets a new dropper API.    

Google has further concretized this feature with the ability to save tabs as groups in Chrome 95. This characteristic is relatively self-explanatory. You can see it on any web page, and it is implemented with an integrated API. Tabs and groups have become standard features in desktop web browsers.   

new Version Of Chrome

Save Tab Groups

Saving tabs as groups are a new feature in Chrome 95. The feature has been implemented with an integrated API. It seems intuitive, so it’s safe to say that this is a standard feature in desktop web browsers.

“Save tabs as groups” is a new feature implemented with an integrated API in Chrome 95. It seems intuitive, so it’s safe to say

You can create tab groups as usual, but instead of having to recreate them when you close, you can save them. This facilitates the later opening considerably. 

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