Are you planning to buy Midea Dehumidifiers this summer?

Why are Midea Dehumidifiers a good purchase?

* Midea, the world’s number one air treatment brand, found through consumer research that two of the top three consumer demands for dehumidifiers include the ability to extend run time by removing moisture and connecting to smart devices.

How is the design?

 Midea Cube is the world’s first telescopic dehumidifier with a lift design. Midea Cube is the world’s first telescopic dehumidifier with a lift design. The unique design of Midea Cube is unlike any other product on the market as it can be compressed to half its size for easy storage and offers a three times larger water tank. 

With these consumer concerns in mind, Midea created the revolutionary Midea Cube dehumidifier with a unique design that triples the capacity of the water tank and provides more flexibility in how to use it, set it up and sometimes forget it. 

Traditional dehumidifiers often have small water tanks, which negatively affects their overall performance and requires frequent emptying – up to 5, 6, 7 or more times a day. With that in mind, Midea Cube’s innovative design allows it to run up to three times longer than other dehumidifiers on the market** before the tank needs to be emptied, and also allows users to place the central unit inside the tank for compact storage when not in use. 

 It can also be easily identified and used tankless above a floor drain or even above a sink since the central unit is about half the size of traditional dehumidifiers. When using the tank, simply lift the central unit, rotate it and place the team on top, and you’re done.   

What is the goal of Midea?

“At Midea, we are focused on improving the everyday life of consumers through thoughtful and innovative technologies,” said Kurt Jowers, president of Midea America Corp. “We are very proud of the launch of Midea Cube.    

“Midea Cube differs from typical dehumidifiers in that its innovative design allows for elegant and compact storage. It can hold up to three times more water than any previous model, allowing it to last three times longer than other dehumidifiers. The water capacity is adjustable, so users can select a target water level from a gallon if they prefer a more accessible emptying bucket, up to 4.2 gallons. Midea Cube also has a bucketless option to provide additional flexibility.   

Its cubic shape allows for a multi-directional air intake system, effectively supporting the reduction of mould and mildew growth throughout the home. In addition to its traditional basement use, it’s also ideal for preventing moisture damage to essential items such as clothes in closets and bedrooms, artwork, tech gadgets, tools, and more. Midea Cube’s innovative design has received four awards: the Red-Dot Design Award 2021, the International Design Excellence Award, the Geneva International Invention Show, and the German Innovation Award.  

Did you know? You can also control it with wifi?

With wifi, users can easily control Midea Cube from the home network or the cloud through the Midea Air smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. Users can remotely control and change indoor humidity levels and monitor water levels. The unique combination of sensors and the Cube algorithm enables the device to effectively predict with a high degree of confidence how much time the user has left before the tank is full. It will also respond to voice commands through Google and Alexa-enabled devices.   

Quickly turn off your device or check the status with a simple voice command across the room. Additionally, through the app, users can set the water level and send a push notification to their smartphone when the tank is full, or the humidity is different from the setting. You no longer have to go to the basement to check it out and learn that it hasn’t worked in a long time, and the humidity has returned.    

The new Beauty Cube is now available in 35 and 50 pints on and 20 on For more information about Midea Cube or the company’s full range of air conditioners and home appliances, please visit Time to feel at home.    

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