3 Scams You Need to Beware of on Craigslist New Orleans

Craigslist is quite an old website. It has facilitated its users with lots of benefits like being a single platform for things like renting, finding jobs, buying and selling stuff, among many other things. The site becomes even more helpful as it can be used on any platform. If you need craigslist, it’s there.

But with the increased use of multi-pronged sites, people have also started using them for their malicious intent, scamming people trying to get their money by adopting different ways. The list of scams of Craigslist New Orleans goes on and on. But to make you aware, here are some ways the scammers use.

Car sale scam

In the New Orleans Craigslist district, a scam is being advertised. Be wary of presuming you have a “perfect” 2010 Honda Accord with only 20,000 miles on it; this is extortion that has robbed others of their hard-earned money. The advertising highlights the vehicle’s benefits and offers it for a ridiculously low price of roughly $2600. While most individuals are aware that it is a ruse, on rare occasions, someone accepts that they are obtaining a fair price and moves forward swiftly so that no one else gets the item before them. In some cases, the con artists will demand payment via PayPal, while others will arrange for you to meet with them, show you the vehicle, and then agree to have it shipped to you.

Rental Scam on Craigslist New Orleans

Residents of New Orleans and the surrounding area are have been warned about a surge of rental scams published on the site, thanks to a collaboration between regional brokers and the FBI. Fraudsters are rewording information from legitimate real estate ads in the area to make them appear for rent. The thieves do not own or have any rights to the properties. This does not stop them from duping naïve victims, especially first-time shoppers, into turning over their money.

Super Bowl Rental scams

This is the storey of Margaret Walker, a Craiglist worker who owns a small inn in New Orleans and enjoys renting out rooms to people in town for events like the Super Bowl or a local jazz festival. As a result, she gets to meet a lot of interesting people. She added that she had many renters showing up at her property with counterfeit rental documents. A nasty fraudster took her legitimate posting for guestrooms, who rented them out to others without her knowledge. There isn’t it; frauds like this abound in New Orleans, and residents must deal with them no matter what.

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