Are You Looking for a TV But Less Expensive? Check Out The New Vizio TV D series

This pandemic gave us more time to spend at our homes with things we bought. The amount of time we have been spending on our couches in front of our TVs is the most from the time we bought them, right? If that is how lifestyle life is planning for us, why not upgrade some appliances at our home? If you are hunting for a good Tv but are not willing to spend too much, well, I have something special for you. Walmart has priced the Vizio TV D Series at $228, and people are going crazy.

The Vizio TV D Series is artistic and comes in different sizes, ranging from 24 to 43 inches. So, you know that these TV can be the perfect TV for any room in your house. Are you looking for a smaller size Tv for your kid’s room? Well Vizio D- series has that even for you. Did you know? This series also comes with built-in streaming options, and we all know how much we love streaming, don’t we? 

Vizio TV D Series and It’s Specifications

Vizio D- series is one of the solid bet options as it’s attractive and so sleek and handy that it’s easy to step up. The curators of the Tv made sure to work on its colour accuracy, Shadowy black levels, and it has one of the best video processing compared to other TVs.

However, the specifications and the technology will differ in the smaller size TVs. You won’t enjoy some of the features you can in the bigger models, including No HDR, No quantum dots, and No Ultra High Definition. In addition, the Vizio D- Series only comes in two resolutions, including 720p and 1080p. 

Talking about the Vizio D- Series, Vizio did not introduce one but two D series, including the D- series and D4-series. The first one comes in many sizes, while the latter one comes in fewer sizes. The D4 se3ruies is also better with its features and specifications. The D4 also supports AMD FreeSync. 

Below are the characteristics and specifications of the D- series.

  • Design: New Bezel Design
  • Backlight: Full Array (no local dimming)
  • Processor: IQ Processor
  • Gaming Engine: V-Gaming Engine
  • HDR Support: No
  • Native refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Innovative platform: Vizio SmartCast 5.0
Buy the New Vizio TV D Series
Vizio TV D series
How is its performance when tested in labs?

After putting the Vizio- D- series in the Cambridge Tv lab, the Tv was set for its performance experiment after water warming it up.

Here is everything that the lab testing revealed.

  1. Its contrast(Brightness/Black level, ANSI Checkerboard): 0.023/171.70 nits
  2. During the testing, the Tv recorded the peak brightness at 193.60 nits.
  3. The D -series recorded its SDR(rec.709) color gamut coverage at 93.35%

Let’s take a look at its Audio.

 While we review a TV and its speakers, we always try to focus on the great soundbar. It has dual 10- watt speakers, both placed at the bottom of the panel. The speakers are not too good compared to its other features. If you like watching Tv casually and are not too focused on the bass, then it’s a perfect choice for you. However, whenever planning to buy this product, always keep in mind the audio formats it supports. This D- series TVs support DTS Virtual: X and DTS-HD High definition audio. However, it would help if you inputted eARC- capable HDMI or Dolby Digital Plus support to pass through Dolby Atmos Content.

Should You Buy the New Vizio TV D Series

Well, investing your money on this Tv entirely depends on you and the way you watch your television. If you only watch your TV for entertainment purpose and does not care much more about the new 4k resolution the, this Tv suits you the best. But, if you are a person who is a keen observer of recent upgrades, including HDR color, 4k, local dimming backlights, sadly, this isn’t the suitable Tv for you.

At the same time, the D – series is also a perfect choice in many scenarios keeping in mind that you have a tight budget. This Tv provides you with many features and functions under a very affordable budget. So, do your own little research and grab this deal if this fits your budget and your needs.

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