Some Best Triple Monitor Mount: What You Need to Know

There was a time in our lives when having three monitors on the desk felt like flying in a space shuttle, but nowadays, it is not common to own more than one display. And it is true, especially when you are a programmer or someone creative who needs to run various programs simultaneously while keeping emails, chats, web browser, and project management dashboard visible at the same time. If you picture yourself in this whole scenario, you know that placing three displays on one desk is an epic fail. The arrangement does not only take up a lot of desk space, but also it is disastrous. It is required to keep the displays at the correct height to prevent shoulder and back problems that will send you to the doctor even if you don’t want to.

All you need is a monitor stand that can support all three monitors at once. As much as it sounds like an easy task, you would need to consider a lot of factors before buying one. To make this problem a little simple for you, we have the four best monitor stands that you can choose according to your requirements.

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The Four Best Triple Monitor Stands-

The Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand

The Mount-It! triple monitor stand has almost every quality you would look for to place your monitors. It supports screen sizes of range from 24 to 32 inches. The arms of the stand that keeps the monitor are balanced with the help of gas springs. It makes the arms firm and easy to move. You can adjust the height and angle of the positions using a facility provided with a handy tool-free lever. C-clamp and grommet base are incorporated to make sure that you have an optimal setup. It also has connectivity ports for 3mm headphones, 3mm microphones, and USB.

Best Triple Monitor Stands

If you are looking to buy a triple monitor stand at a reasonable price, you can go for Mount-It!. It is currently highly rated on Amazon and a best-selling mount.

Mount Up Triple Monitor Stand

The Mount Up is a low price triple monitor stand that has many similarities with the Mount-It triple monitor stand and TechOrbits triple monitor stand.

The screen size range is not high like the Mount-It and TechOrbits with 13 to 27 inches. Mount Up does not have a c-clamp, a base grommet, and gas springs. The black finishing of the stand is what makes it desirable and gives it a classy and conservative look. The arms of the stands are adjustable and do not even need an Allen wrench. All in all, the Mount Up is a low-priced monitor with a style and classy look.

Mount Up Triple Monitor Stand
WALI Triple Monitor Stand

If you have a tight budget, then you should look for a WALI tripod monitor stand. The construction of this stand is not much robust as it does not include gas springs, but you will not face any issues while supporting your monitors on it. They may not move quickly and smoothly. Rest functions are fine. The maximum screen size range is not much higher but can fit a screen up to 27 inches. The style and look of this stand work best with most computer stands. This tripod monitor stand comes with a c-clamp and grommet base to ensure that it attaches securely to any desk and has excellent rotating, tilting, and swivelling positioning. So, if you are looking for the cheapest but still high-quality triple monitor stand, then this is something that you are looking for.

WALI Triple Monitor Stand
TechOrbit Triple Monitor Stand

The TechOrbit triple monitor stand is a formidable contender for the Best Overall monitor setups. The design, features, and style are somewhat relatable to that of Mount-It!. The maximum screen size range it can support is 13 to 30 inches. The maximum height of the mount is 21 inches and approximates 28 inches with a max extension. The VESA mounts and its wide movability make it an ideal monitor setup with both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) configurations for the monitors. The TechOrbits utilizes heavy-duty aluminium gas springs similar to that of Mount-It! with a stylish metallic sheen.

This monitor stand is also highly rated on Amazon and is currently Amazon’s Choice for three monitors. It is the best choice and is at the top because of its lower price than that of Mount-It!

When choosing a perfect triple monitor stand, it is essential to check out these four things before buying-

  • Check for its attachment method.
  • Look out for the adjustability options
  • Make sure the material is suitable for your triple monitor.
  • Choose a durable design.

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