Payday Loan Apps that Work with Chime Plus No Credit Checks

How Do Cash Advance Apps Work?

Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime plus is a perfect no-credit-check solution. These apps let you get the cash you need fast and easy, without going through the bank.  

Plus, our list of reviewed cash-advance apps is updated regularly, so you can trust you are getting the most relevant information. 


Cleo is one of the only cash-back apps that is Chime-compatible. Sign up for the Cleo Plus service and connect a Chime bank account or debit card for a cash advance. Cleo supports more than 3,000 U.S. banks/providers, and Chime bank accounts are a top-ten choice.  

Cleo is a chatbot application powered by AI, which functions similar to a money management application by allowing you to connect your bank accounts and analyze your deposit and spending habits. Cleo will also enable you to borrow money without interest (Salary Advance) for up to 28 days, as long as you use it for a certain period. 


MoneyLion is known for being a fan of Chime. To connect your Chime account on MoneyLion, go to the Finance tab at the bottom of your MoneyLion home screen, then click Connect account. You can locate the Chime Bank by selecting it from a list of options or using the search bar. There are some things in general that you need to take into account when connecting a Chime Bank account with MoneyLion to qualify for its terms.    


Earnin is another popular cash-advance app you can use with Chime. According to the Earnings website, the service is currently being tested on a small set of Chime users. Earnin is improving its service to offer Chime users a fully-featured service.   

Defining the payment schedule is difficult for Chime users since they may get paid as early as two days in advance. As a result, using Earnin with Chime is a bit of a trial-and-error process.    

You can try linking your Chime bank account to the Earnin app by going to Earnin app settings -> My bank. Look for Chime Bank and input the information from Chime Bank.   

Check if you get the confirmation, and you will know whether or not you are one of the lucky Chime users supported by Earnin. If Earnin has confirmed your Chime account has been successfully linked, turn on the “Allow Transactions” option under Chime account settings. Earnin will now be able to send you Cash Outs into your Chime Account and automatically charge to your account each payday.  


 Dave is a cash advances app allowing users to link their Chime accounts. There do not seem to be any issues with users banking on Chime with Dave. Dave generally offers cash advances for small expenses (up to $75).    

It operates on a voluntary tipping basis, with a $1 per month membership fee. Go to the Advanced tab. Select how much you want to advance.    

Confirm your automatic repayment due date. To accept payment authorization, please check the box. To verify, move the slider up.   

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