Microsoft Pulls the on Adobe Flash Player Cords

One of the most used software, adobe flash’s life has ended. Microsoft is the one to pull the plug on the software with its latest update. They also informed us that they intend to remove the software by July altogether.

The plan for removal of Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft has described the plan to remove flash from Windows starting from June 2021. The starting with Windows update KB4577586 also described as “Update for removal of Adobe Flash Player. “The update works to remove the 32-bit Adobe Flash plugin and stops it from being installed in future

  To be included with Preview Update for Windows 10 versions 1809 and all the following latest updates.

Likewise, in July 2021, the same KB4577586 version will be included in the latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10, 1607, and Windows 10 version 1057. The same update will consist of Monthly Rollup and the security-only update for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 201, and Windows Embedded 8 standard. 

Microsoft has ensured the complete removal of Flash with the Windows 10 version 21H1 update. It would automatically removes the software as part of the system update.

Chronology of the events

Adobe Flash has been around for some time now, starting from the late ’90s. Despite facing many security-related issues and competition from software like WebAssembly, HTML 5 and WebGL, it survived a long time. 

With all the problems in the software, Adobe held itself back. Hence, they announced they would stop distributing Adobe flash player ending the support for software by the end of 2020 after all the major web browsers started dropping their support in 2016.

Still, the flash player managed to survive because of the support from Microsoft, which is about to come to an end with the latest Windows ten update. Microsoft tried to end its approval in October of last year but failed until the latest Windows 10 update announcement.

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Reasons for removal of Adobe Flash

Other than the security vulnerabilities, removing the Adobe Flash Player is the lack of compatibility across different devices. The software faces problems with its UI when one uses the software on mobile devices.

Adobe Flash Player has been a favourite of its users for a long time for running a variety of multimedia operations like games and programs. With Windows pulling back its support, it’s an end of an era for Adobe. 

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