Do you own a 3 plus smart watch?

How to sync your 3 plus smartwatch?

Do you own a 3 plus smart watch? which item you loved most and what are the features you want in your 3 Plus Smart Watch?

Store Watch can store daily activity information on the watch for 7 days. It is recommended that you sync your watch with The 3+ pro app at least once a day. Heart rate during the day and during exercise.    

The watch turns on the heart rate sensor every five minutes by default. The heart rate sensor only works when you wear the look on your wrist. The standout feature for all exercise users is that they can adjust their heart rate as often as they want to track the 3Plus Vibe smartwatch.    

While the fitness tracker tracks your sleep, most users would love it if it did it automatically. The 3Plus Vibe smartwatch is similar to most other fitness watches on the market.  

This is my second device of this type, and I especially like that it doesn’t wake up when I raise my hand that keeps me awake in the sleep tracking mode on my other fitness tracker watches. The watch itself when I put it, especially for only 50 in the US here, this is what it looks like on my tiny wrist, you can see. It has an always bright display, which it seems to have, and is always on, on, or off, which will kill the battery, of course.    

Aeroplane mode doesn’t disturb your brightness levels and, therefore, your settings here, so you can see the watch itself is connected to Bluetooth at the top, and of course, this will be your home screen you’ll need any watch face. Many eyes don’t seem to find GPS inside; wow, that’s shocking, so press the top button there, and the clock will pause the workout on its own, where you’ll be from the bottom again, and then you can resume or be done with it. Since we didn’t get very far. It will use the workouts there; there is not much training here; you have outdoor running, outdoor cycling, and indoor cycling, so the watch itself is really more like a cardio watch than anything else.    

If you want, you can receive and read all watch notifications on the watch itself, and of course, there is an app that is sort of an essential app. The touchscreen watch offers daily activity tracking, heart rate monitor and sleeps tracking to give you insight into the quality of your sleep as well as your everyday health and wellness. Yes, the 3Plus Hybrid (Choose Color) smartwatch has a touch screen watch feature that allows you to control your music playlist from the comfort of your wrist.   

The 3Plus Hybrid app was developed with Cruz or Callie Hybrid Watch to help you analyze and track your daily activities. Track your goals and connect with your friends. The downloadable 3Plus Elite app lets you follow your progress on iOS and Android devices. The watch can support online, and offline music playback from popular apps like Spotify and Pandora and music downloaded to your phone.    

Use the USB charging cable included with the watch to charge the battery. When fully charged, the Vibe+ smartwatch lasts more than 5 days. This USB charging cable is specially designed for watch use only and compatible with other 3+ pro devices.   

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