Best Sony Soundbars in 2022 for A Cinematic Experience

Best Sony Soundbars in 2022 for A Cinematic Experience – A good movie watching experience is incomplete without good audio to support the visuals. Even the best of visuals won’t be able to give you entertainment without good audio. For you to have that good audio, you need to have good soundbars. After doing all the heavy lifting for you, we have brought you the best Sony soundbars you can buy for yourself in the market.

Sony HT-A5000

Advantages- The Sony HT-A5000 is the greatest Sony soundbar with a 5.1 setup. This standalone 5.1.2 system features a luxury design and Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround and Virtual Surround Engine technologies to assist create a more immersive audio experience. The bar automatically adapts its audio reproduction based on the acoustics of your environment using its Sound Field Optimization room correction feature. It has a generally balanced but somewhat U-shaped sound profile, with a bit of additional bass boom and enhanced treble brightness that makes vocalists and instruments sparkle. It can be used to listen to most forms of audio content and can get quite loud. There’s even Dolby Atmos content support.

Drawbacks- Many premium sound customization tools, such as bass and treble tweaks and a visual EQ, are also missing from this soundbar. It struggles to reproduce the thump and rumble in the low bass found in bass-heavy music and action-packed movies without a subwoofer. Surround performance is poor, as surround items such as voices do not appear as clear or as lifelike as they do with discrete localization.

Sony HT-A7000 with Speakers + Bass Module

Advantages- The Sony HT-A7000 with Speakers + Bass Module is the greatest Sony soundbar you can use. Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine technology is used in this premium 7.1.2 system to assist generate a more immersive sound. It’s Sound Field Optimization room correction technology automatically enhances audio reproduction based on your room’s acoustics. It has a very neutral sound profile with this function that’s ideal for listening to a wide range of audio content, while there’s a slight muddiness in the bass range that can degrade singers’ clarity and lead instruments. It can reproduce extended low-bass thanks to its dedicated subwoofer. It also features two back speakers that deliver excellent surround sound performance. There’s even Dolby Atmos content support.

Drawbacks- There aren’t as many good modification options as there are with other expensive sets from other manufacturers. There are no bass or treble controls, and just a few EQ presets are provided.

Sony HT-A9 with Bass Module

Advantages- The Sony HT-A9 with Bass Module is the best Sony soundbar if you want an immersive sound. Instead of a single soundbar, this 4.1.4 arrangement features a compact control box and four satellite speakers. It makes use of Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology to generate a stunningly broad and immersive soundstage that fills your home with your audio from all directions. There’s also a Sound Field Optimization room correction tool, which provides a fairly neutral sound profile ideal for most sorts of audio content. However, there’s some muddiness in the high-bass that can slightly thin down vocalists and lead instruments. Up-firing drivers incorporated inside the speakers bounce sound off the ceiling to create the illusion of height when watching the Atmos video, and it’s one of the best Dolby Atmos soundbars.

Drawbacks-  When you turn up the volume on this soundbar, it doesn’t get very loud, and there are a lot of compressions. It also lacks several sound modification capabilities found on more expensive sets, such as a graphic EQ. Voices aren’t accurately fixed to a pinpoint spot in the soundstage if there isn’t a discrete centre channel.

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