Best laptops for college students

With everything getting online, ranging from work to studies, especially after the pandemic, Laptops have become a necessity for everyone. Yet these devices are even more imperative for the students who not only need to take their classes online. Else have to do their assignments and studies on the laptop. Not buying a Laptop is not an option for the students. Yet the problem comes when they have to select from a wide variety of options with various qualities. Here are some best laptops for college students.

To make the task easy we have brought you the things that you need to take care of before buying a laptop and the best options suited for students.

Things you need to keep in mind

A student who has to spend most of his or her time on a laptop needs to make a good and informed choice when buying a laptop and keep every aspect of it in mind.

There are several things one need to take care of from fundamental things like weight, screen size, screen type to technical aspects like processor, storage, ports and other things.

But prior to going into all those qualities, it is essential to determine the usage of the laptop.

There is a huge number of ways a student can use a laptop due to which the machines multi-purpose qualities are tested at their best.

Other than using it for classes and studies students use their laptop for using various heavy software for video editing, gaming, programming and these programs test these devices to their limits.

Along with this the best choice should have a good battery life to go through the whole day of taking classes without being stuck near the plug the whole time, with a processor good enough to not take a toll on the battery life and still be smooth while running substantial programming.

Types of laptop

Once the usage for the machine has been determined, you need to check what type of laptop fits in your requirement criteria. Generally, the types of laptop available in the market are:

Normal Laptops-

These laptops come with a wide variety of options with a huge range in every aspect like size, processor, storage and all the other qualities you’d expect from a laptop. For general usage, these laptops are the best options and can be seen everywhere from offices to schools.

Gaming laptops-

These laptops are very are generally more expensive, bigger and better than usual laptops. With top of the line qualities when it comes to processor, screen type, audio projections and have a very distinctive look, Although they are made for gaming but can be used for running all kind of hefty software.


These are cost-friendly, lightweight laptops running on Google’s Chrome operating system instead of Windows or macOS and use apps for various functions. The drawback to these laptops is that they can be used for very limited functions.

Two in one laptop-

These are hybrid machines that are capable of working as a laptop as well as a tablet, having very flexible and compact-sized bodies. Though they can be used used as tablets but run on normal operating systems like Windows or MacOS.

Laptop Options for Students-

Laptop Options for Students
  1. HP Envy 13(2021)
  • Specs- CPU: Intel Core i5-1135G7, GPU: Iris Xe (or GeForce MX350), Ram: 16 GB, Storage: 256 GB, Display: 13.3-inch, 1080p (touch), Size: 12.7×7.7×0,7 inches, Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Qualities-  Bright Display, Attractive Design, Clicky Keyboard, More than eleven hours of battery life, Intel core i5 is a fast processor
  • Drawbacks- No IR camera Option, Plastic touchpad.
Specification of MacBook Air M1

2. MacBook Air M1

  • Specs- CPU- M1, GPU: M1 (integrated),  RAM: 8GB/16GB, Storage: 256GB/512Gb/1TB/2TB, Display: 13.3-inch, 2560x1600p, Size: 11.9×8.4×0.6 inches, Weight: 2.8 pounds.
  • Qualities-  Slim unibody Aluminium Chassis, Smooth processing, Long Battery life, iPhone and iPad support, Good sound quality, best keyboard.
  • Drawbacks- Less number of ports. 
Features of Dell XPS 13

3. Dell XPS 13

  • Specs- CPU- intel Core i3/Core i5/Core i7(11th Gen), GPU: Intel Iris Xe,  RAM: 8GB/16GB, Storage: 256GB/512Gb/1TB/2TB, Display: 13.4-inch, 1920x1200p or 4K, Size: 11.6×7.8×0.6 inches, Weight: 2.8 pounds.
  • Qualities-  Attractive Chassis Design, Seamless processing, Superb Battery life, Bezel less.
  • Drawbacks- Lacks legacy ports
Details of HP Envy x360 13

4. HP Envy x360 13

  • Specs- CPU- AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics,  RAM: 8GB, Storage: 256GB, Display: 13.3-inch, 1080p, Size: 11.6×7.8×0.6 inches, Weight: 2.9 pounds.
  • Qualities-  Compact Aluminium Design, Great performance, Long Battery life, HD bright display.
  • Drawbacks- Lacks IR Camera
Key Features of Acer Swift 3

5. Acer Swift 3

  • Specs- CPU- AMD Ryzen 7 4700U, GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics,  RAM: 8GB, Storage: 512GB, Display: 14-inch, 1080p, Size: 12.7x.8.6×0.6 inches, Weight: 2.7 pounds.
  • Qualities-  Outstanding performance, Clicky Keyboard, Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Drawbacks- Dim Display

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