Apple unveiled iOS 16 with revamped features

At the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple unveiled iOS 16, and the update now includes a completely redesigned and customisable lock screen interface, new maps and more features.

You can use this to create unique wallpapers, modify the font and colour of the date and time, and add additional widgets for weather, activity rings, calendar events, and more. Notifications and Apple’s Focus feature are also receiving improvements.

The All-New Lock Screen as Apple unveiled iOS 16

In the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system, Apple unveiled iOS 16, which emphasises personalisation. There’s a new lock screen with customisable fonts and colours, as well as Apple Watch-style widgets and rotating images.

Notifications will come in from the bottom of the screen to avoid covering your photo, and Live Activities like music playback might grow to occupy the lock screen. Modifying the fonts and colours used on the lock screen is at the core of Apple’s iOS 16 improvements.

Add widgets and set up numerous lock screens to swap between by swiping across the screen. Different lock screens can have different focus modes configured to them. Apple’s wallpapers have been updated as well, with options for animated and Pride-themed desktops.

On the lock screen, notifications are shown in a different way. Rather than building up across the screen, they “roll in” towards the bottom. There’s also a “live activities” option, which shows notifications for a particular event like an Uber ride book or a sporting event notification.

What’s in the new Apple Maps?

Apple is introducing a “multistop routing” feature which allows you to arrange up to 15 stops ahead of time. Users can plan multistop routes on their Macs and then send them to their iPhones when they’re ready to leave. You can ask Siri to add more stops to your route while you’re riding.

Cycling, look around, and other features have been added to the newly redesigned map. The revamped map is currently available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Apple’s iPhone cameras to personalise for spatial audio

Apple’s senior vice president, Craig Federighi, said that you’d be able to personalise spatial music using an iPhone’s actual depth sensor.

While a general HRTF profile that works for most individuals can produce successful spatial audio experiences, the more your specific HRTF can be utilised, the better — in theory — spatial audio can be.

Apple isn’t the first firm to use a phone’s camera in this way: Sony’s Headphones app, which is used with headphones like this. When listening to spatial audio music formats, certain aspects of a song, such as the voices, can be anchored in 3D space.

For movies, spatial audio can give you the impression of being in a full 5.1 home theatre, complete with the illusion that your screen (such as an iPhone, iPad, or other tablets) is the source of speech and other crucial soundtrack elements.


Apple’s iOS 16 to bring New Gmail Features to Its Mail App

Some of Gmail’s most popular features are being incorporated into Apple’s Mail app. While compared to Google’s email app, this could give customers a more similar experience when using Apple’s email app.

SMS and emails have been around for a long time, and while physical letters are beginning to lose their potency, emails have managed to maintain theirs in professional, personal, and other commercial settings.

Apple will also introduce a feature that allows users to draught an email and schedule it to be sent at a specified time. This feature is already available to Gmail users, and it will soon be available to iOS Mail users as well.

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