The controversial football rivalry between U.S and Mexico

The mega match between Mexico and USA.

The national teams of Mexico and the United States will finally face each other on Thursday, March 24, at the Estadio Azteca, in a match corresponding to the 12th day of the octagonal final of the CONCACAF qualifiers for the 2022 football rivalry World Cup in Qatar. 

Take a massive step towards qualifying for the 2022 World Cup on Thursday night as he heads to the Azteca Stadium to face rivals from Mexico. The U.S. men’s team will play Mexico for the second time in 2022 World Cup qualifiers as the Americans head to Mexico City for a tough match at the Azteca Stadium. Mexico will host Team USA on Thursday in Mexico City at the Azteca Stadium as part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier in the CONCACAF region.  

The U.S. men’s team and Mexico play a can’t-miss game at QTL Stadium in Cincinnati on the seventh day of the 2022 CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. Finished at the top of the qualifying standings at the CONCACAF World Championship halfway through the race with a 2-0 scoreline in an orthodox match. The U.S. survived 11 minutes of extra time after the second overtime, beating Mexico in three losses and one draw for the first time since 2013, building confidence to start World Cup qualifiers. 

It will also be Team USA’s first attempt to beat their most significant North American rival for the fourth time after winning the CONCACAF Nations League Finals in June, the CONCACAF Gold Cup in August and the World Cup qualifiers in Cincinnati in November.   

Team USA is equal on points with Mexico but is more than one win ahead of 4th in Panama. The U.S. can also score points with Mexico thanks to a home win. With just three races to go and 21 points, both countries are just four points behind Panama and five points behind Costa Rica. Canada will play Costa Rica on Thursday, and if Canada fails to score three points, this will be a crucial opportunity for both sides to close the gap at the top of the table.  

Mexico currently leads the table with 14 points, while the United States is just three points behind them. With both teams playing six games each, the United States is in second place in the CONCACAF standings, three points behind them tonight. The stakes are high for the longtime CONCACAF giants as they are in 2nd (USMNT) and 3rd (Mexico) in the CONCACAF rankings with 21 points. Under current conditions, Mexico and the U.S. are tied for 21 points in both teams’ first 11 qualifiers, although the Americans have the lead on goal difference.    

The USMNT is also going to Mexico, having won all three fights last year, including the November qualifier in Cincinnati. The USMNT scored two more goals and conceded one less, which was greatly helped by a 3-0 home win over Mexico last fall in Cincinnati. In November, the USMNT scored another famous 2-0 victory over Mexico. The U.S. and El Tri face off for the last time in this window with three coveted points to their credit.   

It’s not a must for Mexico or the United States when both countries take to the field on Thursday night, but at the same time, it is. Although the face is a CONCACAF qualifier, the pressure on the two teams will mount for various reasons. The 0-0 also means the United States went unbeaten for the first time in four games against Mexico, another step towards bringing the teams closer together. After Mexico won both matches in 2019, the United States has two additional wins this year. 

The United States men’s national team’s third straight victory over Mexico, ending a run in the 2021 rivalry since the USMNT beat Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and Nations League final last summer. The next time the U.S. men’s soccer team travelled to the legendary Estadio Azteca in Mexico City for a qualifying match, they drew 1-1 on June 11, 2017.    

In January, Mexico also drew with Costa Rica in a game played virtually behind closed doors. The United States could return to the 2022 World Cup with two games if they win on Thursday night, Panama loses last-placed Honduras at home, and Costa Rica fails to win at home against first-placed Canada. ON THURSDAY NIGHT, the U.S. avoided a half-filled Estadio Azteca in a challenging 0-0 game against Mexico and secured a position for all but a World Cup spot with a home win over Panama this weekend.    

Mexico looks to be in top form, and a win here will help Mexico retain its top spot, while Team USA will instead look to take its place. Whether the United States finds a way to set a fourth U.S. record in a row or Mexico gets its revenge, both teams will fail to capture Canada.

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