An Incredible 33-yard Touchdown by Patrick Mahomes

Sometimes the game can turn around 180 degrees in favor of the team that seemed to be losing. And it might all be just because of one player.  A similar incident took place in Cheifs vs. Ravens game. The game took a drastic turn when Patrick Mahomes took a 33-yard touchdown, giving the Chiefs a lead of 14-7.

Lately, Patrick’s game has been impressive. He has presented a string of incredible throws each week that added up in favor of the Cheifs. The latest one in the last game was a fantastic throw with timing that raised everyone’s heartbeat.

Patrick Mahomes

In the last game on Sunday, Patrick made a 33-yard touchdown when there were just 6 minutes left in the first quarter.

The thing that makes it even more astonishing is that this throw came in when the Ravens had tied at seven. The 33-yard pass was addressed to Demarcus Robinson, which resulted in giving the lead to Cheifs.
It occurred on first-and-10, following a 10-yard gathering by near end Travis Kelce. Mahomes faked a handoff to running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, moved forward in the pocket to avoid the surge, then, at that point, dispatched the ball from his right arm. Robinson shuffled the ball in the paint yet acquired belonging and got a knee down to finish the catch.
That covered an eight-play, 92-yard drive that took 4:31 off the clock. Mahomes was 5-of-5 for 75 yards on his first drive. 

It’d be interesting to see the future performances of Patrick and if he presents similar performances. Chiefs might have great games if a similar performance continues in the future.

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