The Best Quarterback in the NFL?

NFL is filled with athletes gushing with talent. There are multiple players divided across teams who are phenomenal athletes and excel in their positions. Today we are going to find out who among all the talented athletes are the best quarterbacks. Considering all the aspects of the game, it is tough to choose the best player.


But looking at the stats and considering the experts’ opinions, we have a few names that come to our minds. Among all the names, the ones who stand on top are Lamar Jackson (considering the power-packed performance), Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, and Tom Brady. These players have shown with their performances that they are among the best, but their stats speak for themselves as well.

  • Lamar Jackson- 442(Yards), 37-43(Comp- Att), 4(TD), 140.5(Passer Rating)
  • Justin Herbert-  398(Yards), 26-43(Comp- Att), 4(TD), 122(Passer Rating)
  • Josh Allen-  315(Yards), 15-26(Comp- Att), 3TD), 139.1(Passer Rating)
  • Tom Brady-  411(Yards), 30-41(Comp- Att), 5(TD), 144.4(Passer Rating)

Arguably these players have shown the world they are competent as a quarterback. 

Looking at Josh Allen’s recent performance and this whole season, it has been stunning. It won’t be wrong to assume that he has got one of the strongest arms in the NFL. But his abilities are not only limited to that. In addition to muscular arms, he can count on mobility to take the team out of messy situations.

Now switching over to Tom Brady. It is hard to describe a player considered to all-time star. Whether it is this season or any other Tom makes, his presence is felt with his performances. Even when you look at the offense, Tom is a part of. It is just amazing to be witness to someone capable of doing something like that in their 40s.

Well, it is hard just to put any name on top of the others. As all these players are exceptional and putting one on top of the other is just impossible. Anyway, moving ahead, any discussion about the best quarterback is obviously incomplete without the names like Mahomes, Mark Eric, Aaron Rodgers, and Kyler Murray.

Well, at this point, leaving the comparisons aside, it is just great to an NFL and watching these players in their games.

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