Everything You Need to Know About 2022 World Cup

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The road to Qatar 2022 continues for European countries – who will be fit to compete in the World Cup finals next year?

Here, we go over the current state of play in each of the ten meetings as the tables start to take shape and the capability cycle and important dates. The gathering champions will, of course, complete all conditions for Qatar 2022, and this page will be updated as nations confirm their participation in the show-stopper tournament the following year.

World Cup

The World Cup format and schedule

  • The competition will include 32 teams divided into eight groups of four.
  • During the gathering stage, which will last more than 12 days and see champions and other competitors advance to the round of 16, four matches will be played every day.
  • After the finals draw, matches may be assigned to specific scenes, allowing organizers to choose the best start times for TV audiences in various countries, for as allies in Qatar.
  • The finals are scheduled for April 2022, following the March window for worldwide apparatuses.
  • On December 17, there will be a third-place end-of-season game, similar to Euro 2020.

Group stage: November 21- December 2

Round of 16: December 3-6

Quarter-finals: December 9/10

Semi-finals: December 13/14

Final: December 18

World Cup

Group A

After winning in Azerbaijan, Portugal has moved into first place in the group.

Two points ahead of Serbia held to a 1-1 draw by the Republic of Ireland. Luxembourg has been battling at an unexpectedly high level in this tournament, but they are currently seven points behind leaders Portugal, despite having a game in hand. On the other hand, Serbia remains in its sights, with the gap between third and second merely five points. The Republic of Ireland hasn’t had the best of qualifying performances so far, but the draw with Serbia offers them a boost heading into the mission’s final stages. On one point, Azerbaijan is abandoned in the lower section of the gathering.

Up next:

October 9: Azerbaijan vs. Republic of Ireland – 5 pm

October 9: Luxembourg vs. Serbia – 7:45 pm

Group B

With a 4-0 win over Georgia, Spain moved ahead of Sweden in Group B, and their position as group leaders has been further solidified following the most recent matchday. In their most recent match, the Scandinavians lost 2-1 to Greece, while Spain defeated Kosovo, who was only introduced to competition capability at World Cup 2018 and are currently ranked fourth.

Up next:

October 9: Sweden vs. Kosovo – 5 pm

October 9: Georgia vs. Greece – 5 pm

Group C

When Switzerland held Italy to a 0-0 draw, Gathering C had opened up. However, on the most recent matchday, the Azzurri extended their advantage at the finish to six points by thrashing bottom-placed Lithuania 5-0. At the same time, the Swiss were stuck in a deadlock with Northern Ireland. In October, Northern Ireland will travel to Switzerland for a crucial conference.

Up next:

October 9: Lithuania vs. Bulgaria – 2 pm

October 9: Switzerland vs. Northern Ireland – 7:45 pm

Group D

France struggled to find their stride in this mission, but a crucial win over

Finland gave them a significant lead at the standings’ summit. In Group D, Didier Deschamps’ team has three wins and three draws from six games. Ukraine and Finland aren’t out of the woods yet. They have games close to France with the hopes of closing the gap to the top.

Up next:

October 9: Kazakhstan vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2 pm

October 9: Finland vs. Ukraine – 5 pm

Group E

Belgium surpassed the FIFA global rankings and extended its lead in Group E after edging Belarus to make it five wins straight. They are currently nine points ahead of the Czech Republic, who aren’t scheduled to play again until October. After an impasse with Estonia, Grains’ programmed capabilities trusts took a significant hit.

Up next:

October 8: Estonia vs. Belarus – 7:45 pm

October 8: the Czech Republic vs. Wales – 7:45 pm

Group F

Denmark has resumed where they left off at Euro 2020, winning for the sixth time in a row to maintain their perfect record in World Cup qualifying, defeating Israel 5-0. They are currently two victories away from clinching the best position in the tournament and a place in the World Cup finals. The chasing group is made up of Scotland (11 points), Israel (10 points), and Austria (seven points). Steve Clarke’s side’s superb 1-0 win in Vienna has them in pole position for the other participants’ spot in the gathering, with a game against Israel at Hampden Park coming up next in October.

Up next:

October 9: Scotland vs. Israel – 5 pm

October 9: the Faroe Islands vs. Austria – 7:45 pm

October 9: Moldova vs. Denmark – 7:45 pm

Group G

With six games played, Gathering G is revealing that it is far too close to call. After a 6-1 victory over Turkey, the Netherlands (13 focuses) stood out on objective distinction, while Norway (13 directions) followed up with a big 5-1 victory over Gibraltar to keep pace with the Dutch. Turkey’s massive loss hurt their chances, but they’re still in the hunt with 11 points, while Montenegro’s 0-0 stalemate with Latvia leaves them with a lot of ground to make up for the leaders.

Up next:

October 8: Gibraltar vs. Montenegro – 7:45 pm

October 8: Latvia vs. Netherlands – 7:45 pm

October 8: Turkey vs. Norway – 7:45 pm

Group H

Croatia and Russia are still tied for first place in Group H with 13 points each, but Croatia now leads on goal differential after a 3-0 win against Slovenia on Tuesday night. Russia’s 2-0 win against Malta, the top two teams, now have a four-point head over fourth-placed Slovakia, with Slovenia, moreover, two points down in fourth.

Up next:

October 8: Malta vs. Slovenia – 7:45 pm

October 8: Cyprus vs. Croatia – 7:45 pm

October 8: Russia vs. Slovakia – 7:45 pm

Group I

Britain lost their comprehensive record in Poland after allowing a late equalizer, but they still have a four-point head over Albania and a five-point lead over Poland. Hungary is within striking distance of a playground.

Up next:

October 9: Andorra vs. England – 7:45 pm

October 9: Hungary vs. Albania – 7:45 pm

October 9: Poland vs. San Marino – 7:45 pm

Group J

Germany is in first place in Group J, and they extended their lead after thrashing Iceland 4-0, while bottom-placed Liechtenstein held Armenia. Romania and North Macedonia both had a chance to qualify, but neither could do so as their qualifiers ended in a stalemate.

Up next:

October 8: Liechtenstein vs. North Macedonia – 7:45 pm

October 8: Iceland vs. Armenia – 7:45 pm

October 8: Germany vs. Romania – 7:45 pm

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