The mega USA vs France Basketball Game

How did the USA vs France basketball game go?

Golden Sunday at FIBA ​​2021 Men’s U19 World Championship in Riga USA vs France Basketball Game, Latvia. On Saturday morning, the U.S. men’s basketball team beat France 87:82 to claim the gold medal at the 2020 Olympics. ON FRIDAY NIGHT, the U.S. men’s basketball team defeated France at 87:82 on Friday night to claim their fourth consecutive gold medal after another brilliant performance. Kevin Durant.

 Kevin Durant took home his third gold medal with a loss, and the U.S. men’s basketball team took revenge on France at the tournament’s opening.    

Kevin Durant becomes the all-time United States leader in points scored, points per game, three points scored and gold medals in men’s basketball, potentially establishing himself as the most significant U.S. player ever. Kevin Durant scored a career-high 29 points on 9 of 18 losing shots, ending the Olympic tournament as the all-time leader of U.S. basketball in points, free throws and 3 points. 

If the U.S. avenged the loss and won the gold medal, the Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant would have become only the second male player to have four gold medals, a feat only performed (once again) by Carmelo Anthony. Team USA will likely need all-around play to win the gold, especially since France managed to keep Kevin Durant 10 points ahead of the Tokyo Olympics meeting. 

France stunned the U.S. at the 2019 World Cup and then beat the U.S. again in the opening game of that Olympics. France won the United States 16-2 and 83-76 at the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday, ending the United States’ 25-time Olympic winning streak. Tokyo. The U.S. men’s basketball team lost their first Olympic game here on Sunday, 83-76, to

 an excellent French team, their first Olympic loss since 2004. Led by Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant during the Olympic medal game in Tokyo 2021 China faces France, led by striker Rudy Gobert, to win gold at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Men’s Basketball Championship Friday, August 6, 2021, at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Men’s Basketball Championship (06/08/21), at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.    

Team USA will take on France in the men’s basketball gold medal match at the Tokyo Olympics following their respective wins in Thursday’s semi-finals at Japan’s Saitama Super Arena. 

Defeating Team USA for the second time will be France’s toughest test yet, and the victory will earn the country its first-ever Olympic gold medal in men’s basketball. The win for the U.S. women’s team will extend their gold medal streak to a whopping seven straight Olympics. After getting over a slow start to the Olympic tournament, the Americans beat France 87-82 in relative comfort in Saturday’s final match at the Saitama Super Arena to win their 16th gold medal in the tournament.  

Jrue Holiday has 11 points, eight rebounds and eight assists for Team USA, which will play France on Saturday for a fourth straight gold medal. In the first round matchup of both teams, the U.S. took the lead in the sixth half, but France came back to victory in the third period, beating the U.S. 25–11. The USA had 18 assists in the game, took France (5-2) to 16 assists for 21 points and beat the opponent in the paint 44-22. The U.S. men’s basketball team had an eight-point lead with four minutes left, but France scored a 16-2 streak underlined by top scorer Evan Fournier by three points with less than a minute left. Seal the bit.    

Big man Rudy Gobert pulled out all the stops to lead France to victory with 16 points and eight rebounds, while Evan Fournier had 16 points. Evan Fournier led France with 28 points on 11-of-22 shooting, while Rudy Gobert added 14 and nine rebounds. Kevin Durand did just that against French great Rudy Gobert.    

Jrue Holiday, who helped the Milwaukee Bucks win their first NBA title in 50 years on Tuesday, celebrated with the city on Thursday before flying to Tokyo to join the USA Basketball team before the game against France. Jrue Holiday did his best to lead Team USA to victory in the fourth quarter, but he wasn’t helped. Team USA avenged France for the fourth time in a row, and Kevin Durant celebrated a horrific new NBA deal by confirming his identity as a basketball cheat code. 

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