Razorbacks’ winless streak in video games earlier than 1 p.M.

Keeps as staff not able to find a solution for purchasing college children to characteristic while woken at a respectable hour

If you are a betting man and you have been following this web page, then you made the easiest cash of all time making a bet towards the Arkansas Razorbacks today. 

As has been mentioned formerly, the Hogs don’t do mornings. For folks that don’t dig into low-level analytics, Arkansas is now 0-five in video games beginning earlier than 1 p.M.

The Razorbacks’  biggest losses, a 22-factor loss to Oklahoma and Saturday’s 18-factor loss to Texas A&M each got here before 1 p.M.

Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman has to be held again after losing his cool during an early-start blowout against Oklahoma.

Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman must be held return after dropping his cool throughout an early-start blowout in opposition to Oklahoma.

While the trend is troubling considering the NCAA match begins with eight video games earlier than 1 p.M. On every day of the first spherical accompanied by extra on every day of the second round, what’s extra troubling is that an education staff recognized for breaking down each detail in practise of a sport cannot solve college children waking up at a first rate hour.

To say the Razorbacks were torpid in opposition to the Aggies is a real understatement. They had all of the conventional symptoms of loss of sleep.

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