7 Prospects Who Took the Spotlight in Nike Peach Jam

With the largest summer tournament with the NBA, Nike Peach Jam, everyone has been looking forward to the prodigies that this competition will bring in the limelight. The Peach Jam is a tournament that even the top players like LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Bradley Beal are interested in. They can easily be seen on the sidelines passing on their wisdom and experience to the next generation.

This year has been no different. The youngsters had an abundance of talent and skill in their gameplay. Here we have brought you a list of top of the top prospects who have made an impression on the NBA scouts.

Jalen Duren

Jalen Duren

Duren is a prime player in secondary school ball, surpassing Emoni Bates because of his prevailing presentation on the court his earlier performances. He’s centre towering over many with the height of 6 ft 10 and in shape as good as the NBA stars. Other than being a boss in the lane, he draws triple-teams every time he gets the ball.
Duren drove Team Final over Brad Beal Elite in the Nike Peach Jam Jam title, getting done with 10 rebounds and 17 points. Duren covered off the competition averaging 8.2 rebounds and 13.5 points per game.

Jalen Duren is presently the No. 1 part in secondary school ball in the wake of surpassing Emoni Bates for the best position.

Nick Smith Jr.

Nick is a player with a 6 ft 6 frame and extraordinary scoring skills from all the levels in the court. He got the spotlight at Nike Peach Jam Jam with his extraordinary skills.

Smith Jr. is a player who impacts the game on the two finishes of the floor and had a great 30 focuses (11-for-14 from the field, 4-for-5 from 3-point range) in success over Albany City Rocks and scored a large portion of the group’s focuses (31) in the title game.

Nick Smith Jr.

Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates a.k.a “the next Kevin Durant,” he’s been one of the players that have a firm hold on the attention of the NBA scouts. A 6 ft 9 of height, combined with his skills, makes him a deadly scorer, getting points from almost anywhere in the court.

Bates clashed with Bronny James in the consolation bracket last week and scored 73-72. He got done with 22 points, and at a certain point, hit consecutive long 3-pointers in the presence of LeBron James. Bates arrived at the midpoint of 22.2 points per game in the five. Consolation bracket with his team, Bates Fundamental, and collaborated with Duren before the AAU season with Team Final making a superteam.

Emoni Bates

D.J. Wagner

A 6 ft 3 point guard and the son of former NBA player Dajuan Wagner has a manager to secure the top with his unmatched skills with the ball.

He was hyping a division at Peach Jam and still figured out how to average 17.3 points in four games, including perhaps the most extraordinary rounds of the week in a matchup with one of the top point guards approaching senior class Jaden Bradley. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony sat courtside in a stuffed exercise centre as the game boiled last second. Wagner got done with 17 points on success.

Dariq Whitehead

Whitehead is a 6-foot-6 wing who totally supported his No. 6-positioned status this previous week playing for Team Durant. Whitehead shoots the ball amazingly well from 3-point range and is perhaps the best part experiencing significant change with extraordinary speed and body control around the edge.
Whitehead could be the following incredible player emerging from force to be reckoned with Montverde Academy, following any semblance of Cunningham, Barnes, R.J. Barrett and Ben Simmons.

Dereck Lively

Enthusiastic is a 6-foot-11 centre who played close by Duren in the frontcourt for Team Final. Dereck is probably the most sizzling player of the late spring who has seen his stock ascent subsequent to playing great on the EYBL circuit and camps like the Pangos All-American in Las Vegas.

Dereck has extraordinary length and is the best edge defender in secondary school b-ball with his 7-foot-4 wingspan. He recorded 20 squares during the Peach Jam competition and chipped away at expanding his game beyond the 3-point line. 

Bronny James

James passed on a large portion of his sophomore season rehabbing a knee injury. He hit the AAU circuit looking better compared to anybody may have expected, building up a division with Strive For Greatness. The 16-year-old shooting screen showed NBA scouts that he has a further evolved jump shot and is genuinely extraordinary on-ball shields in his gathering. James had six 3-pointers and 21 points in progress over the Nightrydas in the consolation segment. The very one night from now, he held his own going toward Bates with his dad, LeBron, preparing on the seat.

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